Kim Zolciak: Slammed for Piercing Daughter's Ears!

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Piercings: they're ways of accessorizing, they're ways of getting back at your parents, they're questionable solutions to boredom, and they're a way of showing society exactly who you are.

They're also major milestones in the lives of many people who get them. And debate rages over how young is too young.

So when Kim documented her very, very young daughter getting her ears pierced, she definitely knew that she was going to get some backlash. Kim Zolciak has haters, after all.

Kim Zolciak, Big Ol' Mirror Selfie

Okay, first, we need to talk about ear-piercing and children.

There are two extremes.

One, the over-protective side, doesn't think that girls should get their ears pierced until they're tweens.

(Sometimes it even goes beyond that, but that's getting into Duggar territory with side-hugs and courting, that's ... so fringe that it's not relevant here).

The reason that these parents usually have is either that earrings are valuable and a child needs to show responsibility before she can get her ears pierced ...

... OR that pierced ears are "grown up" and would somehow be inappropriate on, say, a 9-year-old.

The responsibility thing, we totally get. The "they're too grown-up" thing, not so much.

They're jewelry, not sexy underwear or whatever. They shouldn't have to wait until they're teenagers.

The other extreme gets the ears of babies pierced.

And ... that's wrong. Sure, ear piercings are totally reversible, but unless it's medically necessary, don't poke holes in babies. That should not be a radical statement.

But Kim Zolciak makes it very clear that her 3-year-old daughter, Kaia, is not a baby anymore.

Kaia Biermann Ears Pierced 1

Kim Zolciak shared a video on Snapchat and provided narration.

"The time has come for Kaia to get her ears pierced."

Don't worry, folks -- this is something that Kaia wants.

"She has begged me for two years."

Waiting for those two years was the right choice, we think. 

"The time has come. Brielle and Ariana both had their ears pierced at like three weeks."

Okay, that is wrong, absolutely. No three-week-old is begging to have pierced ears, or capable of understanding the concept.

(Again, don't poke holes in babies unless it's medically necessary)

We're glad that Kim has wisened up for Kaia.

Kaia Biermann Ears Pierced 2

Kim Zolciak continues her narration ... somehow making it all about her.

(But you know, it's normal for people to talk about themselves when they're narrating)

"I cried my eyes out, so pray for me."

That's no surprise -- Kim Zolciak couldn't handle Kash going to kindergarten.

Apparently, milestones get her very, very emotional.

As the ear-piercing concludes, Kim shares that her emotional distress had some physical symptoms.

"My stomach is so upset!"

It's actually cute that she got so worked up.

And she heaped praise on Kaia for keeping cool throughout.

"Your mom's crying and you're not. You're such a toughie!"

Kaia Biermann Ears Pierced 3

Kim Zolciak probably put this on Snapchat, instead of Instagram, because she didn't want her Instagram page flooded with hateful comments. (That doesn't stop trolls, but it can thin them out a little)

Kaia looks so cute!

And she clearly has the wherewithal to make a decision like that.

Maybe some folks would disagree, but pierced ears are totally reversible. And if Kaia's been asking for this for two years ... more power to her.

We, uh, hope she took her mom out for ice cream afterwards. Since Kim was so brave.

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