Kim Zolciak: I CANNOT Deal with Kash Going to Kindergarten!

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Kim Zolciak and her son young son Kash had a tremendously eventful summer, and not in a good way.

Because Kash was hospitalized after a dog attack injured his face. 

He's made a tremendous recovery, though, and he just started kindergarten -- and Kim Zolciak is adorably broken up about it.

It's Kim Zolciak!

She starts her post with a question:

"Is it ok to drink wine at 7am?!!"

So long as that's after she's dropped off Kash?


"I'm such a mess over my 'Kashew' starting kindergarten tomorrow."

(Great, now we want to eat way too many cashews)

"I couldn't snuggle him hard enough tonight."

You don't have to be a parent to know that feeling.

Anyone who's ever hugged their dog or cat extra before going off to college knows that heartbreaking feeling.

Anyone who's ever just gone over to hang out with a neighbor's dogs before moving to another city knows the feeling.

In Kim's case, she'll get to see her son every day anyway, but it's still a huge milestone.

And she has more to say.

But first, look at this photo of Kash, taken today.

He's recovered from that serious mauling of his face so well!

Kash Biermann, Birthday Sticker

"Kroy is sad too -- you know he is when he says it's okay for them to sleep in our bed."

Before you freak out, remember that some people wear clothing to bed (unthinkable as that may be) and 

She follows that with an emoji that represents laughing so hard that tears are coming out of your eyes.

"You would think it would get easier, with Kash being my 4th off to kindergarten."

Remember, Kim has six kids, so Kash isn't even the last to take this major step into the world.

"BUT I swear it gets harder!!"

Maybe it's because it reminds her that she's getting older, or maybe it's because things sometimes become more meaningful over time.

Kim Zolciak: Selfie #7,861

Kim shared a follow-up post on Kash's actual first day of kindergarten.

After confessing that she totally lost it when he left for school.

"There is something about boys that just gets me."

Weird, but some parents form strange, gendered attachments to their kids sometimes.

She gave her fans and followers a major shout-out for being so supportive during her emotional turmoil.

"THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments through all my tears last night I didn't feel as crazy knowing so many of you are going through the same."

It's good to have informal support groups, sometimes.

"Love all of you."

Say what you will about Kim Zolciak, but she loves her family and she loves her fans.

"Have a fantastic day and I'll let you know if I hop in my car and go pick him up."

Kash Biermann in Sunglasses

By the way, today is Kash's fifth birthday.

(Putting him within the range of children who are allowed to start kindergarten while they're still four years old in most districts)

He hasn't really been at school long enough to make a bunch of close friends, so it's a sucky time to have a birthday.

But we're sure that his family will make it up to him.

Possibly during the weekend, though.

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