Kim Zolciak: Psst, Haters… You're Worthless!

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Attention, haters, trolls and critics of Kim Zolciak:

This veteran reality star has a message she would like to send.

Are you listening?

Kim Zolciak in a Hat

Okay, here goes:

You suck. You're worthless. And nothing you say resonates in any way, shape or form with me.

We're not really exaggerating. This was the basic theme of an interview Zolciak gave to TooFab in anticipation of Don't Be Tardy returning to Bravo on Friday night.

To be clear, the discussion took place before NeNe Leakes absolutely WENT OFF on Kim and her daughter, Brielle, late last week, claiming their entire family was racist because Brielle said Leakes had roaches at home.

So Zolciak does not reply directly to that attack in this article.

But it almost doesn't matter.

Because her opinion in general on all who criticize her or her child likely applies to NeNe as well.

Kim Zolciak Crazy Hair

"You're behind a f-cking computer screen... you feel like you have a voice, but your opinion to me doesn't f-cking matter when it's negative," Zolciak told TooFab, adding simply:

"It's gross."

Zolicak herself often hears it from critics who attack her appearance or the way she seemingly exploits family tragedies.

However, it's actually Brielle who gets it even worse, as Internet users are aghast over the 20-year old's plastic surgery history and influx of lewd Instagram photos.

Why do strangers care about the actions of this young woman, whom they've never met and who no impact on their lives?

"Because they're f-cking miserable," Zolciak says of the trolls.

Kim has encouraged Brielle in the past to get various kinds of work done on her body.

But "the plastic surgery stuff is old," Zolciak explains TooFab.

She can't believe people are still talking about that.

"Brielle's done her lips and Brielle's done nothing else. They accuse her of her dimples being fake. I mean, I posted pictures of the child when she came out of the womb with these big dimples in her cheeks.

"The plastic surgery comments that she got work done to look like me or the plastic surgery comments I get to look like her is like, 'Are you OK? She's my f-cking daughter."

Kim Zolciak: Selfie #7,861

With Don't Be Tardy back on the air and The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiering next month, you can expect to hear from Zolciak often over the next several weeks.

Haters might as well save their breath because their insults just bounce off her fake boobs.

As for everyone else? Zolciak has three rules in life;

"Don't mess with my man, my money or my kids."

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