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Kate Middleton is definitely pregnant — it’s announced and we’ve seen her royal baby bump. But is she now Duchessing for two … or for three?

As exciting as the thought of royal twins is, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

So we need to look into why people think this, and, if possible, confirm that it’s true.

Doing Their Part
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Just as it’s easy to believe that something is a rumor, it’s also easy to dismiss something because it hasn’t been officially confirmed.

That can so often be a mistake.

After all, back in August, we walked you through a number of reports that strongly suggested Kate Middleton’s pregnancy and explained why we believed it to be true.

(Perhaps the biggest clue was knowledge of Duchess Kate’s severe morning sickness and the news that she’d been quietly rushed to the hospital)

Well, that was only a little over a week later that Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy was officially announced, for real.

Sometimes, listening to rumors (albeit with a careful and critical ear) can really pay off.

Kate Middleton: Chillin' With William

Life & Style has reported that Kate Middleton is expecting twins.

Their cover reads:

"Kate’s Big News: She’s Having Twins!"

They report that she’s expecting a pair of identical twin girls, even.

The lure of the twins report is especially strong, because Kate has already given birth twice. The jubilation that results from a royal baby’s birth does experience diminishing returns, normally.

(Kind of like eating cake is great, but if it’s a treat that you have every week, it’s just … nice, rather than incredibly exciting. Not that babies are like cake, necessarily … this diminishing effect applies to almost any good or exciting news)

But twins? That’s a new type of excitement and could not only be an intriguing read, but a refreshing distraction from the UK’s current Brexit nightmare.

Life & Style‘s source also told them that the couple was planning on coordinating the names of the twins, which is good — you don’t want randomly named twins (but you also don’t want their names to be too similar).

So … is this report of twins too good to be true?

Kate Middleton and 2 Princes

At the moment, all signs point to Duchess Kate’s royal womb having only a single occupancy.

Remember when we told you Kate Middleton’s due date?

That was revealed through an official announcement, from Kensington Palace’s verified Twitter account, reading:

"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in April 2018."

(As we noted at the time, an April due date could put this little girl very close in age to Princess Charlotte)

That phrasing is not super ambiguous.

"A baby" is not vague. It’s a simple statement and it certainly appears to be straightforward.

And … if it’s true, which we must assume that it is, that means that Kate Middleton is not expecting twins.

Kate Middleton Baby Bump Action!
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Gossip Cop reports that they reached out to Kensington Palace and that they were able to confirm that Kate is not expecting twins.

But just one royal baby is enough cause for excitement, right?

It should be.

In the mean time, we’ll have the next five months or more to speculate about what sort of name Kate and William’s new royal baby will have.

Will they go with something classic, or start a new traditional name?

Honestly — naming one baby is enough of a responsibility for anyone. But we’re sure that this royal couple is up to the task.