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We interrupt our daily speculation over the state of Meghan Markle’s ring finger to bring you something slightly different:

Speculation over the state of Meghan Markle’s womb!

Namely, we now have a reason to ask the following question:

Meghan Markle Pregnancy?!?
Photo via OK!


We’ve wondered about this topic in the past, but now OK! Weekly has published a cover story that once again has the Internet buzzing.

How can it not be when the tabloid screams that a "NEW ROYAL BABY" is on the way and further teases "New Wedding Plans" will soon be revealed?!?

Of course, if you dig a little deeper, you find that this claim may not be entirely accurate.

First: That’s a photo of Markle from 2014.

She isn’t sporting a baby bump; she may just be exhaling deeply and/or just completed a big meal.

Second: A line from the affiliated article reads "palace sources are buzzing that the pair may be expecting their first child."

Sure, they may be. But, hey, they also may not be!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Together
Photo via Getty

An anonymous insider who editors want you to believe is totally real went on to allege the following:

“There are whispers that Meghan is as far as three months along! It’s unexpected, to say the least.

"To have a baby out of wedlock would risk creating quite a scandal for the royal family. But Harry and Meghan are eager to build a family together, and the sooner the better.”

Just a few days ago, Markle met with the Queen for a special visit.

This prompted further talk of an engagement around the World Wide Web, but it supposedly prompted talk of something else within the confines of the palace.

“The whole [place] was buzzing that they had told the queen of Meghan’s state," this same insider says, adding that the Queen was pissed about the pregnancy:

"She didn’t mince words and told them it was ‘a most unfortunate situation.’"

Yes. We’re totally sure that happened.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Invictus Games
Photo via Getty

While pregnancy chatter may be a load of malarkey, it really does seem likely that Markle and Harry will get married someday.

The wedding will take place next June, a so-called Royal Expert recently guessed, but it’s difficult to know anything for certain before an engagement is even confirmed.

Other relevant issues at stake these days include:

  • Will Markle quit Suits?
  • Will Markle move in with Harry?
  • Will this pretend blow job be a problem for the couple at some point?

Stay tuned over the coming days, weeks and months to The Hollywood Gossip for every answer to every important and dumb question!