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Of all of the many, many things that we’ve heard about Josh Duggar, it’s easy to forget that he’s accused of catfishing women using another dude’s photo. And that guy is suing him over the damage to his reputation and his business.

We guess that, if you never see the inside of a courtroom despite molesting a bunch of young girls, you start to feel like you should never get into trouble.

Because Josh Duggar is trying to worm his way out of the lawsuit.

Joshua Duggar Pic

Now, after all of the Josh Duggar sex scandals, the embattled reality star has finally learned that he’s accountable for his own misdeeds.

Just kidding!

As we all know, Josh Duggar isn’t sorry for molesting his sisters. Because, you see, the devil made him do it.

When you’re a member of the Duggar fertility cult, front-hugging is a huge no-no, but apparently even the most evil deeds can be allowed so long as you super promise to never do it again and ask for forgiveness.

All within the context of the Duggar family’s very fringe religious beliefs.

But while those of us with a solid grasp of right-and-wrong are hung up on Josh Duggar’s history of sexually preying upon and molesting multiple young girls, including two of his own sisters, he’s done more than that.

The Duggars, of course, are concerned that he viewed porn.

And the fact that he cheated on his wife is just the awful icing on the horrendous cake.

Josh Duggar is being sued over how he went about cheating.

Matthew James McCarthy

Matthew James McCarthy (the guy in this photo, who is definitely not Josh Duggar) is a DJ in California.

He is suing Josh Duggar for allegedly using his photo on OkCupid, Twitter, and Ashley Madison in order to flirt with various women.

When you use someone else’s photo and/or identity over the internet, folks, this is called catfishing. 

Now, you might be thinking "gee, that’s a crappy thing to do to those women and to McCarthy, but what grounds does he have to sue?"

Well, as you can imagine, anything associated with Josh Duggar is pretty heavily tainted.

And, very unfairly, that foul association seems to be impacting Matthew James McCarthy.

Both personally … and professionally.

Anna and Josh Duggar Selfie

McCarthy says that he’s received nasty personal messages referring to him as "Josh Duggar’s boy toy" and "DJ Duggar."

Both of those are unfair, but the second is perhaps worse — because it’s catchy.

Remember, this is not a voluntary association of McCarthy’s. It’s not like he was friends with Josh or anything.

(If you’re having trouble feeling sympathy for McCarthy, imagine if, say, Bill Cosby used your photo to flirt with women on social media and that the whole world found out and saw your picture in that context)

What’s worse, McCarthy reports that he has lost gigs over the negative association with Josh Duggar.

McCarthy is seeking damages to compensate for his losses.

It doesn’t look like Josh Duggar is feeling apologetic about his actions … which is no surprise … because Josh is fighting back in court.

Anna, Josh Duggar Pic

According to documents obtained by The Daily Mail, Josh Duggar wants the lawsuit dismissed.

Josh was issued a summons to appear in court back in May, and apparently he’s seeking to quash the summons because … he doesn’t live in California and the suit was filed in California.

Nothing says "I’m innocent" like fighting back on jurisdictional technicalities, amirite?

McCarthy argues that Josh Duggar has made trips to California, but Josh’s legal team is essentially responding by saying that Josh Duggar didn’t catfish anyone in California.

It’s possible that McCarthy will have to try again in federal court. It’s also possible that he’ll be able to make a case for continuous jurisdiction.

Some would argue that McCarthy, Josh Duggar’s alleged victim, being in California should be enough to justify the suit in its current setting.

We’re not legal experts, however, so we’ll have to wait and see what the courts decide, though.