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If the events of the past week have proven anything, it’s that Teen Mom 2 should be filmed 24/7 like the freakin’ Truman Show.

Most reality series are already running out of steam by the time their eighth season wraps up, but thanks in part to the addition of Briana DeJesus, TM2 is just getting warmed up.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin Kiss

Sadly, the show isn’t currently filming, so of all the wild recent events, only the stuff that took place at Saturday’s reunion show was caught on camera.

Fortunately, the cast has done an admirable job of documenting the drama on social media.

If you follow any of them on Twitter or Instagram, then you’ve probably already heard about David Eason drunkenly stabbing balloons and trying to fight Nathan Griffith.

That’s good stuff, but if you ask us, the Kailyn Lowry-Briana DeJesus-Javi Marroquin situation is even more fascinating.

Kailyn and Javi are about to embark on a book tour together, despite the fact that they finalized their divorce almost a year ago.

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Photo via Instagram

Needless to say, the situation was already fraught with emotional peril, but things are even more complex thanks to rumors that Javi is dating Briana.

There’s really no way to talk about this situation without sounding like Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls, so please forgive us in advance:

For starters, Briana and Kailyn used to be friends, even though Briana denies it now.

Apparently, Kail was pissed about all the rumors that Briana has a thing for Javi because Lowry and DeJesus didn’t even talk at the reunion show.

Afterward, Briana threw major shade on social media, tweeting that Jenelle Evans is the only cool Teen Mom, and posting a bunch of new pics of her and Javi.

Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus Picture

Marroquin apparently took this as a sign that he and Briana are officially dating, and he even went so far as to confirm the relationship rumors in a recent interview:

"We are dating," Javi told People magazine earlier this week.

"We’ve been friends for a while and we weren’t in a rush."

But in her latest interview, Briana denies that she and Javi are a couple, and she basically tells Marroquin to slow his roll:

"Nothing is going on," DeJesus bluntly tells E! News.

Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Adding to the speculation that she’s not seeking a relationship with Javi is a recent tweet of Briana’s that reads, "About to change my number and go ghost." 

All of this begs the question–why was Briana acting as though she and Javi were together?

Was she just messing with Kailyn?

Is she really that petty?

For the sake of our future entertainment, we hope the answer to both those questions is "yes."

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to keep up with all this craziness. The show just keeps getting better, y’all.