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Of all of the not-so-great parents in the world and even on reality television, why do people waste their time going after the Roloffs?

Once again, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are getting parent-shamed after posting a photo of Audrey and their baby girl Ember.


Yes, there are people who see precious photos of Ember Jean and go looking for a reason to get angry.

And this time, Jeremy is clapping back!

There are some well-and-truly awful parents in this world, it’s true. Reckless, vicious, violent.

But until Audrey and Jeremy start acting like they attended parenting classes with Jim Bob Duggar, Kate Gosselin, and Ariel Winter’s mom, maybe we should all put down our torches and pitchforks, okay?

Because Auj and Jer are good parents who absolutely treasure their baby.

However, just like how Tori Roloff "endangered" baby Jackson, supposedly, by having a lone and almost certainly secured stuffed animal in the corner of his crib, people are all over Ember’s parents these days.

Simply put, Audrey and Jeremy don’t deserve the kind of responses that their innocuous photos engender from parent-shamers.

At the Farm

Even in the few weeks since Ember Jean was born, Audrey’s been targeted by other shamers.

In fact, Audrey Roloff was just mom-shamed for the way that she dresses Ember. Her "crime?" Putting her daughter in baby leggings instead of a baby dress.

What is it about maternity that makes people’s "fans" offer up their unsolicited advice and terrible opinions?

What is it about babies that make people forget that different children develop at different rates?

Anyway, are you ready to see the photo — posted to Facebook by Jeremy Roloff — that ruffled so many feathers?

We’ve actually shown you this pic before:

Audrey and Ember on the Farm

Obviously, you saw this image and immediately reached for your pitchfork, which everyone keeps around and handy just in case the Roloffs post another baby photo.

Oh, you didn’t because you’re not quite sure what’s "wrong" with this photo?

Allow internet commenters to explain why this evokes their ire.

One hater wrote: "How could she? She’s in a straightjacket!"

The "how could she" refers to Auj, while the "she’s in a straightjacket" refers to Ember Jean, who is not, in fact, in a straightjacket.

Another wrote:

"That looks incredibly uncomfortable for her."

Yeah; there’s nothing that newborns hate more than laying on their backs while nestled up to their mother’s torso.

Other commenters came to the defense of the Roloffs.

Audrey and Jeremy Hold Ember Jean (Above)

"No idea what type of carrier that is or what position the kid is in but it doesn’t look right but it’s probably just the angle of the photo," one said.

"I was criticized horribly by my own Facebook friends when I wore my little lady facing forward at two months even though my kid was just fine so I’m not going to say they’re doing anything wrong. It’s the angle of the photo."

And others attacked these trolls.

"What a bunch of judgmental people on this post. Mommy and daddy know best! Baby Ember is happy and comfy. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all?"

That same commenter repeats a warning that Tori Roloff made recently after her own mom-shaming.

"This is why Zack and Tori said they’d stop posting pics of Jackson. Such rudeness from total strangers. smh"

That’s the specific equivalent of "this is why we can’t have nice things."

Jeremy with Audrey and Ember, Barefoot in the Kitchen

(SMH, of course, means "smacking my head," a common expression of frustration or frustrated disbelief)

Another added "why do people feel the need to comment on position of baby," which is most enjoyable when read with a Russian accent but is nonetheless a good point.

And, as we mentioned, Jeremy Roloff added his own comment, to assuage any fears that they were playing fast and loose with Ember’s life.

"Babies looooove it," Jer wrote.

That’s short and sweet and non-confrontational, but apparently it needed to be said.

Like, has no one ever heard of swaddling?

Jeremy with Audrey and Ember, Barefoot in the Kitchen

The parent who commented about having been shamed over wearing their baby in a forward-facing babybjorn … different babies develop at different rates.

(I, for example, was apparently able to support my own head and neck on the day of my birth)

Some newborns need to be on their backs with plenty of head support and neck support.

Oh, and some parents are just more comfortable holding their babies that way.

Some people really, truly just need to get a grip.