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The Internet can be such a cruel place.

This is a mostly obvious statement, we know.

But sometimes we get stark reminders and it makes us sad.

Ember on Facebook

Take the vitriol being aimed in the direction of Audrey Roloff, for example.

The Little People, Big World star gave birth to her first child on September 10, a precious girl named Ember Jean.

Since then, Audrey has been candid about the fact that she’s in a lot of pain breastfeeding and is likely even suffering the effects of postpartum depression to some extent.

"I was well prepared for the pain and suffering that comes with childbirth, but I was not prepared for the pain and suffering that comes afterwards," Roloff admitted in a recent Instagram post.

She went on to say how she’s been feeling "frustrated, discouraged, and heart ached" over the struggles with her daughter, insisting, of course, that she will "persist."

We salute Audrey for her honesty.

And we can’t believe there are trolls out there who would prey upon such a vulnerable new mother.

But Audrey shared the above photo on Facebook this week ("Baby girls got a furry friend and it’s not Pine," she wrote as a caption) and then suddenly found herself the victim of online attacks.

Audrey Roloff Holds Ember Jean Aloft

"Omg . . . She is so cute. Not crazy though . . . how her mother dresses her. What happened to cute little dresses . . . not ugly colored leggings. Lol . . .” someone actually wrote.

Yes, this individual felt a need to call Audrey out because Ember isn’t wearing a dress in the picture.

God forbid, right?!?

Added another pathetic critic:

“She cute. But not a fan of the outfit. Creepy brown tights. Why not a colorful beautiful dress! The onesie needs help!”

And a third critic snipped: “Lose the Aunt Jemima scarf!"

And a fourth: "Love the Roloff family…but please, is Audrey trying to turn her baby into a mini model already?!?"

Audrey Roloff, Baby Photo

Shaming famous mother is, sadly, nothing new for Internet users, of course.

Poor Olivia Wilde just received backlash for giving her son a kiss on the lips.

But this is maybe the first such incident we can recall when morons with no life harassed a celebrity simply over a pretty basic outfit she dressed her child in.

What happened to basic human decency, Twitter? Come on now!

We strongly hope Audrey isn’t overly affected by these off-base critiques and that she keeps sharing cute pictures of Ember with us.

Because we think she’s perfect.

And we offer up the following images as evidence: