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As new parents, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff don’t have the kind of free time that they used to. Having a newborn consumes your entire life, but they’re getting by.

Thankfully, they’re not too busy to bring us little updates on social media. And by "updates," we of coure mean photos.

New photos of the new parents and their precious Ember Jean.

Audrey and Jeremy Hold Ember Jean (Above)

While nothing is going to top seeing Ember Jean and Jackson Roloff hold hands, we’ve accepted that.

They’re both babies and they’re cousins and the preciousness of the two of them combines is overpowering.

But these new photos are also touching.

In addition to a couple of pics that we’d seen before, Audrey Roloff shared some new pictures of herself, Ember Jean, and Jeremy Roloff.

Though, as Audrey makes certain to clarify in the captions, the pictures are only "new" to the rest of the world.

As they were taken when Ember Jean was only one week old.

Audrey Roloff Holds Ember Jean Aloft

Audrey captioned the series of photos:

"So much LOVE!!! God blessed me beyond measure with these two."

Of course, her devout Christian faith is a huge and integral part of Audrey’s brand, so that’s exactly how anyone familiar with Audrey would expect for her to frame her happiness.

"I just love them both more and more each day."


"Our girl @dawn_photo took these precious photos for us when Ember was only a week old!"

That was, you guessed it, four weeks ago.

"How can she already be 5 weeks?! Ah!"

Jeremy with Audrey and Ember, Barefoot in the Kitchen

Weird to think that it was only 5 weeks ago when Ember Jean Roloff was born. Time flies!

Audrey finishes up her caption by promising that there is more to come:

"More photos of Ember’s nursery coming to the blog this week! #journeyofjerandauj #emberjean"

We’ll be excited to see those! Every nursery set-up is a little different.

It’s only been a little over two weeks since we first saw Ember Jean’s face

Or since we first saw it closely, anyway.

But now we just can’t get enough of her cute little self. We can’t wait to watch her develop a personality of her own and grow up as the first Roloff granddaughter.

Jeremy Roloff Kisses Ember Jean on the Forehead

Oh, and here’s a photo of this little cutie in a classic photo pose for fathers and newborn babies.

Precious beyond words!

You know, as much as we love the name "Ember," something occurred to us just the other day.

Is Ember going to hear the singsong phrase "liar liar, pants on fire" at some point her life and have a sudden epiphany?

Because "Ember Jean" is, well, a name that could be translated to mean "fire pants." If you had a character in a short story who lies a lot, an editor would tell you that you shouldn’t name them "Ember Jean."

We know that Audrey and Jeremy have been agonizing over how to raise their baby as she gets older, so we imagine that they’ll come up with some ways to prepare her for some name-based teasing.

(Kids can be cruel, even if they don’t mean anything cruel by it, you know?)

We’re so glad that, despite being very busy and with good reason, Auj and Jer are finding the time to share their lives with the world.