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Alaskan Bush People‘s production has been in limbo for a while now. Ami Brown’s cancer battle takes priority.

But even though we know that Ami Brown is back in the hospital for another round of chemo, new evidence has surfaced of the Brown family being in Colorado — at their new homestead.

Are they filming the new season without Ami?!

Ami Brown, Sad

Ami Brown has been battling stage 4 lung cancer.

The Alaskan Bush People star and Brown family matriarch’s news has seen waves of support from fans and viewers of the show.

If you’re concerned that living in the wilderness is no lifestyle for someone fighting cancer and dealing with the rigors of chemo, don’t worry.

The Brown family has been living large in their Beverly Hills mansion.

(People don’t do reality television for free, folks — and the Browns have filmed seven seasons. Yes, that adds up to a mansion)

The mansion is located just minutes from a hospital.

All of this adds up to an ideal situation for Ami Brown.

She can receive checkups and chemo treatments at the hospital.

Then she can come home and, surrounded by her family, recover and continue her battle in comfort.

Though they don’t know if Ami Brown is going to make it, the family is trying to stay positive and they hope that living in L.A. with its warm weather and sunny skies will do Ami a world of good.

So … what are we to make of this?

Rain Brown is Back in Colorado!

This beautiful, beautiful photo was shared by Rain Brown. Her caption provides a little context:

"Breathtaking… #nofilter #sundayhike #stayhappy #staystrong #CO #sisterphotographer"

Unless Rain is trying to alert us to the presence of carbon monoxide in the wilderness, we think that CO here means that she is in Colorado.

Oh, and she tagged the location as "Trinidad, Colorado."

She says that she’s "hiking," here, but you don’t have to be a geography whiz to know that hiking in Santa Monica or wherever isn’t going to take you to Colorado.

Rain is also still just 14, so … we don’t imagine that she and her sister are in Colorado by themselves.

Colorado, of course, is the site of the Brown family’s new homestead. A homestead that no one expected them to return to until, you know, season 8 begins filming.

Rain shared another photo the next day, revealing that the family is still there.

Rain Brown, Cold in Colorado

You can see the snowflakes in this photo.

Rain did not tag her location here (which is smart, folks — for minors and for celebrities and for women, you might not want to advertise where you stop for a cup of coffee or shop).

But it’s sure as hell not L.A.

The last time that it snowed in L.A. was either 1962 or the season 3 Christmas episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Either way, not during Rain’s lifetime.

So we think that it’s reasonably safe to say that at least a portion of the Brown family is in Colorado right now.

Are they filming without Ami?

Rain Brown, Earring Selfie

There might be other reasons.

Maybe, for example, Rain is just looking to make some friends in the area.

It could also be that they sent just a few of the young Browns to check on the homestead and maybe make sure that whatever they already have there is prepped for the snow.

Or maybe … no, we’re out of alternative explanations.

Could the Brown family be filming without Ami Brown? They might.

Even if Ami Brown manages to pull a total recovery, her days of roughing it in the wilderness — even just for the camera’s benefit — may be over.

So it may be that, no matter how Ami’s cancer battle ends, the family will have to do the show without her. It’ll be different. And weird. But they’ll try to make it work.

We just don’t know if they’ve actually started filming yet. But we sure get the feeling that they might be preparing to.