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Jeremy Roloff is a changed man.

He’s only been a father for a handful of weeks, but the Little People, Big World star says he can tell something is different.

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And that something is centered around his faith.

Earlier this week, the new father of a precious baby named Ember Jean shared the above photo on Instagram and included with it the caption below:

Yesterday I had a dying to self moment. The realization that my life is not about me.

This baby is a part of the continual dying-to-self process that is nescessary to pursue holiness over happiness.

That’s profound stuff.

Typically, Jeremy leaves this kind of religious talk to his wife, as Audrey Roloff has been known to often gush over Jesus Christ and His teachings.

But having Ember has clearly brought something out in Jeremy.

Life on Their Farm

If you pursue happiness over holiness, you may lose both, he continued, adding:

But if we pursue holiness, happiness may get thrown in. There is a selfishness deep down that I’m ashamed to say, almost resented the freedom and time that I am about to lose.

However, as it’s been said, nothing can truly be yours until you’ve fully given it away.

After an admittedly challenging opening few weeks as parents, Audrey and Jeremy have been sharing more and more pictures of their daughter, while also taking her on mini road trips.

Or stroller trips, we guess we should say.

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In concluding his latest post regarding Ember and what he’s come to believe/realize, Jeremy wrote:

Jesus said it best, “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.”

I want to live for the truth of holiness, not the facade of happiness.

I want to find my life and find it in the fullness and freedom of Christ.

Amen, right?

Whether or not you believe with absolutely everything Jeremy writes here or believes in general, his sentiment is that being a father has made him more selfless.

Isn’t that how it ought to be for everyone?