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You’ve gotta hand it to Scott Disick – the man is a true innovator when it comes to fascinating new ways to hit rock bottom.

Just last month, Disick was hospitalized under the strictures of a 5150 psychiatric hold, after authorities determined the troubled 34-year-old presented a danger to himself.

Oh Lord

Despite reports that Disick is suffering from a severe liver disease, the father of three is now out of the hospital, and has resumed drinking heavily.

Sadly, that’s nothing new, as Scott has been on a non-stop bender for the past several months, and friends fear that he’s quite literally drinking himself to death.

During that time, Disick also spent an unsettling amount of time with inappropriately young starlets, and it looks like he’s continuing that habit, as well.

On Monday, Scott did one of his paid club gigs in New York, accompanied by 18-year-old actress Madison Beer, and her friends Delilah Hamlin, aged 19, and Suede Brooks … who’s just 16.

The next day, Scott was spotted jewelry shopping with Madison and Suede still in tow.

Scott Disick Laughs It Up

As if that wasn’t creepy enough, Disick then treated the ladies to ice cream.

Are you thoroughly revolted yet?

Well, believe it or not, there’s more.

Back in Los Angeles on Wednseday, Disick spent an afternoon hanging out with 19-year-old Sofia Richie.

Rumors that Disick and Richie were dating circulated back in June, and while both parties dismissed the reports, it certainly seems that they’re more than just friends.

Scott Disick Stands

Of course, all of this comes on the heels of Disick’s relationship with Bella Thorne, which fizzled out when he dragged her along on a European bender back in July.

What these teen starlets get out of spending time with a self-destructive, alcoholic, 34-year-old father of three, we can only imagine.

Sadly, we don’t have to imagine how Scott stands to benefit from the arrangement.

At this point, it seems Disick is well beyond caring what anybody thinks about him – which would be fine, were it not for the fact that he has three kids at home who he’s no longer permitted to see.

Here’s hoping the Lord is able to get his act together before it’s too late.