Meghan Markle: Hinting at Engagement While Out With Prince Harry?

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have seemed ready to announce their engagement for a while now. We can only guess what's holding them back.

But clearly nothing is keeping them apart from each other at the moment, since Meghan Markle was fixed at Harry's side while they attended the Invictus Games in Canada.

Sometimes, wardrobes speak louder than words. And MegMar's outfit all but screamed "husband." We'll explain. ...

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Invictus Games

The Invictus Games is an international event involving multiple sports, modeled after the US-based Warrior Games. 

Wounded and disabled members of armed services play and are given a spotlight.

It's no surprise that Harry is in attendance -- he created them.

That's something that you can do when you're a prince.

It's also no surprise that Meghan Markle was at his side -- the two, despite their busy and separate schedules, have been spending as much time together as possible.

It's not just that they're both beautiful people -- they're also closer than ever.

Prince Harry in a Uniform

So close, in fact, that it sounds like perhaps they are holding back from -- or being held back from -- either announcing their rumored engagement or actually getting engaged.

Maybe Harry's family is insisting that they take their time.

It's also possible that they've been asked to, or have simply decided to, hold off on the announcement because of Kate Middleton's pregnancy.

It might be courteous to space things out a little, especially since many see it as the responsibility of the Royal family to provide good news and entertainment since they don't wield any actual political power.

And with the absolute nightmare of Brexit, the British people are going to need all of the good news that they can get.

Even though MegMar isn't yet a royal, the actress practiced her royal handshake while greeting children who were in attendance.


Meghan Markle Throwback Pic

Now, as for the possible hidden message in Meghan Markle's wardrobe:

It's not the ripped denim jeans, but her shirt, as you may have noticed in that top photo.

It's called "The Husband." It retails for $185 and was designed by Misha Nonoo, who is a friend of Meghan's (and whose ex went to school with Harry).

She's sitting next to Harry while wearing a shirt whose name is "The Husband," knowing full well that people are going to identify what clothing she's wearing.

Now, maybe we're reading too much into it. Maybe we're seeing connections that aren't there.

But if Meghan Markle's been told to keep quiet by Harry's family, you can easily imagine her doing little things in public that signify her relationship status with Harry.

Probably less of a way of telling the world and more of a small act that she knows will amuse her and that, if called out on it she can totally deny.

Because, she could tell the Royals, of course she wouldn't be using a shirt to signify that she and Harry are going to get married. That would be absurd, right?

Or maybe, again, we're just seeing things that aren't there.

Prince Harry Rocks a Suit

Maybe she was just plugging her friend's shirt. Maybe she just really likes it.

Maybe she didn't give a second thought to anything except for what might be comfortable and still look good in the scorching 86-degree heat.

We don't know, and Meghan Markle certainly isn't going to tell us.

But we can't wait for the announcement, whenever it may be.

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