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This is so not what Audrey Roloff needs right now.

Just a few days before she’s set to give birth to her first child, the Little People, Big World star is suddenly under fire from multiple fronts.

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First, the excited mother-to-be somehow found herself facing criticism simply for… well… being an excited-mother-to-be.

After sharing a number of belly bump photos across her social media accounts, Roloff was ripped this week for this "disgraceful" show of semi-nudity.

We wish we were making that up.

But comments such as these have been showing up under Audrey’s Facebook images:

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When certain followers are not (ridiculously) slamming Roloff for posting too many pictures of her bare stomach, others are taking her to task for the way she combines occasional tributes to God…

… with promotional messages about her online store.

Take something Roloff wrote online a few days ago, for instance.

The reality star admitted that she’s "nervous for labor and delivery" of her impending daughter, but added that he’s sort of cool and exciting to not know when she’ll arrive.

"It’s a reminder to surrender and trust God’s timing and plan because it’s far better than mine could ever be. It’s a reminder that God’s purposes will prevail even if my plans fail," she wrote.

Concluded Roloff:

"Thank you Lord for being the author of life, my comforter, my strength, and my shield."

Very honest and open and emotional and relevant, right?

Audrey has always been candid about her connection to Jesus Christ.

But then she ended this message as follows:

We can’t wait to meet our baby girl and dress her in all the new baby onesies that I launched in my shop yesterday!!!

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As you can see above, Roloff also included a link to her Internet business.

She even told fans to “#shopalwaysmore,” just a few words after she was praising the strength and power of God.

Even the most ardent Little People, Big World fans must admit, this is a little… strange? Tacky? Tasteless?

Or, to borrow a term from one of Audrey’s Facebook critics, it’s a bit exploitive.

"Did you really just praise God one second, and then link to your business the next second?" asked Brian Finnegan, whose question was basically echoed by Manion Dwyer, who wrote:

"L8me! its hard to take ur faith seriously when its used as preamble 2 ur business."

Harsh words, but we can see where these folks are coming from.

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Do we doubt Audrey is a dedicated Christian? Not one bit.

We’ve been fans long enough to believe she means every word of her tributes to The Big Man Upstairs.

However, we can also concede that talking about the beauty of God in a paragraph that immediately proceeds promotion of one’s money-making website is pretty tawdry.

It may be taken as offense to other religious people, even if Audrey did not mean it that way.

Still, this doesn’t mean she deserves the vitriol she’s received for simply sharing baby bump photos. That’s just insane.

So keep us apprised over that fetus, please, Audrey, but maybe keep posts about your God separate from posts about your website going forward.

Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!