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Lindsay Lohan has gone through a number of changes over the years.

We’ve seen her transform from a Disney child star to a tabloid trainwreck to Angelina Jolie aspirant who might also be a spy for the Turkish government.

While her latest metamorphosis might not be as bizarre as that last one (Seriously, how is there not more talk about her possible espionage?), it’s still throwing fans for a loop:

Lindsay Lohan at Madrid Fashion Week
Photo via Getty

That’s LiLo at a Madrid Fashion Week last night, and as you can see, she looks a little … different.

Lindsay’s face has changed almost as much as her persona over the years, but never this quickly in this short a period of time.

Naturally the plastic surgery rumors are have been flying fast and furious on social media in the hours since these pics went public.

Lohan’s fans are hoping she’s just the victim of some botched temporary filler work, while her detractors …

… Well, her detractors are having a bit of a field day.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Pic
Photo via Getty

“OMG like wtf. what is wrong with lilo’s face??” one fan tweeted.

“I am literally on my knees praying for lindsay to not let another needle near her face," remarked another.

The consensus seems to be that Lindsay went under the needle, not the knife, and thus, her face should eventually return to normal.

Even so, the social roasting has been particularly brutal:

“OK question for lindsay. are you making that face on purpose or is that eyebrow the result of bad botox?” wrote one Instagram follower.

"omg that brow tho. maybe it’s just me but I think 31 is a little too young for all these fillers,” commented another.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Happier These Days
Photo via Instagram

Not surprisingly, the actress (if we can still call her that) has yet to respond to the rumors about her transformation.

This isn’t the first time rumors about Lohan getting plastic surgery have circulated online, but we’ve never been confronted with such clear visual evidence.

Here’s hoping Lindsay will cool it on the fillers going forward.

That Mean Girls sequel is never gonna happen if Cady’s face is frozen in a permanent expression of horror.

(It’s never gonna happen anyway, but we like to offer LiLo some encouragement from time to time.)