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Ever since Ami Brown’s lung cancer diagnosis, viewers and fans have been worried for the matriarch and for the entire family.

Though many aspects of Alaskan Bush People have been accused of being staged, no one had the gall to say that about Ami Brown’s cancer.

Until now. Yikes.

Ami Brown in Alaska

Right now, Alaskan Bush People Season 8 seems to be in limbo.

There’s been no official news of cancelation or renewal, but for a while it was widely reported that the show was set to continue, albeit in Colorado.

The Browns had picked a spot in Colorado, in the wilderness but not too far from a hospital where Ami Brown’s chemotherapy treatments and other care could take place.

But now it looks like filming has been, at best, postponed.

Alaskan Bush People Exposed tells a little more about that.

"There seems to be some problems going on with this season’s filming, and we still are not sure why yet. There is no pre-production, production crew are not moving and so far, the Browns are still in CA."

We can confirm parts of that — members of the Brown family do seem to be spotted in California a lot these days, but not in Colorado.

That photo of Rain and Gabe and Bird that haters slammed for no reason? That was in Santa Monica.

"Everything seems to be at a standstill at the moment. We will update as soon as we get any further details."

That could be anything from a slight postponement to season 8 being scrapped before it begins filming.

Brown Couple

Many people suspect that the hiatus might be tied to Ami Brown’s illness.

Only so much of her cancer battle makes it onto the camera, and even the most ratings-hungry producers wouldn’t want to be accused of jeopardizing her health by going on with filming.

(Cancer is bad enough, and then chemo can require some serious recovery time between sessions)

Some "fans" of the family and series, and that is using the term loosely, are casting doubt on the severity of Ami Brown’s illness.

For people to call the show "fake" because of accusations that the Brown family sleeps in hotels during filming or has supplies provided by the producers is one thing.

But if you’re going to claim that a woman’s cancer isn’t really that bad, you’d better have some solid arguments to back it up.

Ami Brown in Bed

First, it’s been pointed out that Ami’s doctor who appeared on the show, Dr. Ann Raldow, isn’t even a lung specialist.

Dr. Raldow specializes in gastrointestinal malignancies.

That’s not the sort of expert that most people would see about lung cancer.

And yet a single person might see many doctors during the course of cancer treatment.

The doctor who is given time on camera for e reality show? That probably has more to do with looks and willingness to appear on TV than with how relevant their specialty is to Ami’s cancer.

And any doctor can walk you through how a facility works.

Ami Brown Image

Some fans expressed confusion (or downright suspicion) because Ami Brown has finished her first round of chemo, and yet still has her hair.

Chemotherapy is generally associated with hair loss.

However, this confusion, just like the situation where Rain Brown is getting hate for taking selfies during her mother’s illness, clearly comes from people who have never watched a loved one battle cancer.

Chemo can cause hair loss.

It can also cause hair to simply thin.

And sometimes, people undergo chemotherapy without any change in their hair density at all.

So, no, Ami Brown retaining her hair is not "suspicious."

It’s just a good thing, folks.

The same thing with Ami not having lost so much weight that she needs a feeding tube, despite being warned that she might.

Someone doing reasonably well in their cancer battle doesn’t mean that their cancer wasn’t that bad to begin with.

Ami on TV

We would like to know more about how Ami is doing these days.

Chemotherapy and cancer make a combination that makes it difficult for most people to enjoy their day-to-day lives.

Even watching television can become exhausting.

We can’t imagine trying to build a house and live off of the land (even if it’s just on camera) while going through all of that.

However Ami is doing, there’s going to be a two-hour Alaskan Bush People special tomorrow, titled: "Forging A New Future."

Maybe we’ll find out a little more, then.