Kylie Jenner Posts Insanely Racy Pic, Leaves Us Utterly Speechless

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Life of Kylie may be over ... at least temporarily (and probably permanently, but you never know) ... but Kylie's still out there doing her thing.

And by "doing her thing," we mean snapping selfies and showing off her increasingly curvy body.

In this case, Kylie took a mirror selfie of herself in a fishnet bra and ... no other visible article of clothing.

Kylie Jenner, "Rose" Hair

Life of Kylie finished its first season.

After being blasted by critics for being a soapbox for Kylie to use to talk about herself while being too reserved to confess anything truly new or juicy, we don't think that there are a lot of people clamoring for the show to get renewed.

After no episode following the first night of airing managed to get even a million viewers, we'd totally understand a cancelation.

But if you're a fan of Life of Kylie, remember that there's always a chance that the series will continue.

Reality shows are fairly cheap to film and edit, and the Kardashians still have a fair amount of pull in the entertainment industry.

Enough that Kim Kardashian has been suggested as an American Idol judge, though we're not sure if anyone but Ryan Seacrest actually wants that.

Point is, though, with or without her show, Kylie isn't going anywhere.

Kylie Jenner, Fishnet Bra Selfie

She's still the queen of Snapchat. And she's still going to entrap you with thirst on Instagram, too.

Case in point, above.

Now, she looks absolutely great, don't get us wrong.

But that photo looks a little off, right?

Either through padding or something slid under the top, her nipples are more obscured than you'd expect.

It's totally her right to conceal anything that she likes, but the effect is odd and almost looks not-quite-human.

Like ... first of all, nipples are just nipples.

Kylie Jenner Nude V

Maybe she was worried about Instagram's standards?

Except that she's fully aware that Instagram is fine with nip nops, even those belonging to women, so long as there's some sort of fabric over them.

Not only does Kylie's sister Kendall take advantage of this loophole all of the time ... but Kylie knows this, too.

There's no mystery about what Kylie's nipples look like, if you'll recall.

So maybe this was just the outfit.

Or maybe Kylie was just having a day when she felt like her nipples looked weird.

(Almost everyone has nipples of different sizes, regardless of gender or sex or anything else; the difference can be more or less pronounced from one day tot he other, and some people are insecure about it)

Kylie Jenner: 20th Birthday Lingerie

Rather than an unfounded insecurity, though, it might just be how the top is designed.

Some fashion trends run along the lines of making it look like there's about to be some nudity when everything's actually covered.

Thus, just about every "nude" article of clothing that we've ever seen.

Especially skin tone swimsuits.

The effect isn't necessarily sexy and tends to make people look like Barbie dolls, but it's a thing that keeps popping up in fashion.

Every time that we see a recent photo of Kylie, her curves are impossible to ignore.

Just a year or so ago, she was noticeably less busty.

A lot of people suspect that Kylie got a boob job, but that's not officially confirmed.

Kylie denied getting lip fillers for years.

Only recently, Kylie opened up about why she got lip fillers

In a few years, will she be sharing a "why I got a boob job" confession?

Or was it really just the work of puberty and nothing else?

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