Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Confess to Breaking Major Courtship Rule

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From the time they started dating, rumors about Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth breaking courtship rules began circulating online non-stop.

Some of the claims were ridiculous (a false report that Joy-Anna was pregnant before marriage briefly made the rounds on social media).

But, it turns out, at least one them was legit.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth Honeymoon Photo

In a preview for Monday's Counting On after-show, Joy-Anna and Austin reveal that they did, in fact, violate her family's rules for pre-marital dating.

But it wasn't the sort of untoward, shocking behavior that results in a shotgun wedding, Austin revealed in an interview with Daphne Oz.

No, Forsyth confirms that he and Joy-Anna ... front-hugged.

Yes, the Duggars allow only side-hugs before marriage, but don't even think about going beyond sidal hug action. Why?

Because it's well known that Jesus wanted young people to spend their lives in a constant state of sexual frustration.

Just kidding (but it does make you wonder). In any case, Austin opened up about his dance with the devil, saying:

Joy-Anna Duggar Engagement Ring

“We’re humans and sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by our rules," he said, adding, "We try. That was a real hard try.”

A real hard try.

Wonder if he wishes he could go back and re-word that. The real sin here is that no one jumped in and shouted, "Phrasing!"

The young couple also opened up about the moment that Austin proposed to Joy-Anna, a moment obviously captured by a TLC camera crew.

Testing the gullibility of even the most naive Duggar fans, his now-wife says it was such a whirlwind that this is all news to her.

Yes, the 19-year-old Joy-Anna claims she was so caught up in the moment she didn't even realize she was being filmed.

Austin and Joy Pre-Wedding

“I didn’t even notice that they were there,” she explains.

“I thought it was just us there, that was really special.”

Austin, 23, then chimed in with this gem:

"Those cameramen looked like trees.”

Quite the wit, that guy.

Look, we all suspend our disbelief when we watch reality television, because it's entertainment, and to a point, that's expected.

We're okay with pretending people actually start conversations with "So what's really going on with [absent cast member]?"

We'll even buy into the idea that guys who work in pawn shops routinely engage in wacky bets like they're on a particularly lame '90s sitcom.

But we don't believe for a second that Austin's proposal was spontaneous, and a camera crew just happened to be following him.

Not in any universe we know of were he and Joy-Anna just through the woods that day, with chaperones, unaware of TLC's presence.

You could practically see those two reading their lines off cue cards or plotting where to get the best angles for the third re-shoot.

Is it just us? Are we reading too much into it?

Follow the link to watch Counting On online for more deception from the Duggars and check out other things they ban beyond full-frontal hugging ...

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