Counting On Recap: Joy Says Yes to the Dress

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Monday on Counting On Season 5 Episode 3, Joy realized that going on a trip to Kentucky could prove integral to her impending wedding.

If you watch Counting On online, you know the Duggars fast-track these weddings like there's no tomorrow, so time was of the essence.

At the time this was filmed, the wedding was just over three weeks away. Like we said, they don't waste any time when it comes to this.

Especially not if it's a shotgun wedding for Joy-Anna ... but that's a story for another time and another place. This is about THE DRESS!

Not that she has a clue about that.

“Wedding dress shopping will be different from the other girls because Joy doesn’t know exactly what she wants,” Jana Duggar said.

Joy admitted as much, saying such details were “never” something she had dreamed about before, as she had other things on her mind.

You know, like hiding her baby bump or marrying the love of her life. Or both, as they are definitely related in this case. Anyway ...

Austin, Joy Duggar

With the iconic day fast approaching, Joy-Anna and the bridal party took a road trip to Kentucky to Renee’s Bridal shop, a family staple.

“Miss Renee” also helped Jinger find her dress last year ... though Joy said her goal was to "get in there, get my dress, and get out."

If only it were that easy.

Joy nearly broke down in tears and ended up having to call Austin at one point, saying that “I felt lost and got overwhelmed.”

“A lot of things were going on and I was getting emotional. [Austin’s] my best friend and I just needed to hear his voice.”

The 19-year-old Joy said she was “stressed” and very far from her “comfort zone," though she did find the right dress in the end.

Grandma Duggar found the perfect option hanging on a rack out of view, had Joy try it on and what do you know, it was the best.

Not a moment too soon, either.

After some quick alterations to make the dress a bit more modest, Joy tried it on and everyone in the room knew. They just knew.

“We were blown away,” Jessa Duggar said, while the bride-to-be added, “I knew it was the one because everyone agreed on it.”

“To have that many girls all agree, says something," she said, and it's true ... her bridal party may go down as the world's biggest.

For all the photos from Joy's wedding, see the gallery above. For all the theories about the timing of her pregnancy ... see below.

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