Jenelle Evans: Did She Get PAID to Marry David Eason?!

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Last week, Jenelle Evans married David Eason in a private ceremony held on the couple's property.

Jenelle's mother wasn't invited to the wedding, but MTV cameras certainly were!

Of course, unlike the rest of the guests, the folks who made Jenelle famous had to pay a hefty admission fee.

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Yes, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup Jenelle wouldn't allow MTV to film her wedding unless they paid out bonuses to both her and David on top of their usual salaries.

The network was initially hesitant, not wanting to set the precedent of Teen Mom 2 stars demanding extra cash for permission to film the big events in their life.

(Pretty reasonable, as they did already agreed to allow MTV to film the events of their lives in exchange for an agreed upon salary.)

Eventually, however, Jenelle and her bosses found a loophole that enabled them to reach an arrangement that left everyone happy.

Well, as happy as Jenelle is capable of being, anyway...

“The higher-ups would not pay her extra to shoot the wedding at first,” a source tells The Ashley.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Wedding Pic

“Eventually, after a lot of back-and-forth, MTV and Jenelle agreed that MTV would pay Jenelle and David a ‘location fee’ rather than a flat-out payment to film the wedding," the insider adds.

Yes, because Jenelle and David got married on their own property, MTV was able to justify their sizable wedding bonuses as fees paid for the right to film on the land.

"MTV certainly would be trying to keep that on the downlow, though,” the source added. “It doesn’t look good when fans see them giving in to the stars’ demands,” says the source.

Yeah, it sort of detracts from the "reality" experience when you know that Jenelle and David are basically functioning in the capacity of well-paid actors.

It's unclear how much the Easons raked in by walking down the aisle on camera, but it was certainly a lucrative day for the troubled couple.

Jenelle Evans Pre-Wedding Photo

The Ashley reports that in addition to their bonuses from MTV, Jenelle and David were offered a cool $15,000 from American Media, Inc. (the company that owns Radar Online and OK! magazine) for the exclusive rights to publish photographs from the wedding.

Jenelle complained about photographers from OK! lurking in the woods outside her home before the wedding, so she may have turned that deal down.

Or she may have simply felt that the tabloid was overstepping its bounds by covering not just the wedding, but the drama leading up to it.

It's also possible that Jenelle was just been doing what she does best and throwing a completely irrational tantrum.

Either way, the Easons are certainly starting out with a sizable nest egg.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of how little Jenelle does to deserve such a lavish lifestyle.

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