Jeremy Roloff: Check Out My Daughter's Face!

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Jeremy Roloff has taken to Instagram and provided Little People, Big World fans with the photo they've been earning to see for over two weeks now:

That of his precious baby girl, Ember Jean.

Audrey Roloff Baby Picture

The adorable newborn entered the world on September 10, over a week past Audrey Roloff's due date.

Such a delay caused followers to wonder whether something had gone wrong with the pregnancy or the birth.

It turns out, however, that Ember was simply taking her time. As far as we know, she was born happy and healthy and Audrey is doing fine, physically at least. (More on that below.)

But Jeremy and his wife have been slow to update their social media accounts with snapshots of their daughter as they adjust to the challenging life of first-time parents.

Before Thursday, we had only received a few glimpses of Ember Jean, and each photo almost revealed more of her parents than of the baby herself.

Until now, that is!

Ember Jean

"Here’s her beautiful face! Ember Jean is two and a half weeks old already!" wrote Jeremy at the outset of his caption to this gorgeous new image.

With Audrey having recently admitted she's struggling a bit with postpartum depression, Jeremy assured fans that Ember herself is doing very well.

"She’s doing great, loving life and practicing her singing whenever she’s hungry or needs to poo," added Jeremy.

"Auj has had a tough few weeks, (more on that over on her profile) but that’s not to negate the fact that she’s having fun and enjoying being a first time mother!"

It's unfortunate, but true.

In pain from a pretty serious health concern, Audrey confessed to Instagram followers this week that motherhood has been "HARD" so far.

"I was well prepared for the pain and suffering that comes with childbirth, but I was not prepared for the pain and suffering that comes afterwards," the TLC star admitted, explaining as follows:

"I got all the things... the common 'TMI' postpartum hurts, along with severe engorgement, too much milk, not enough milk, blisters, bruises, clogged ducts, and mastitis.

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but the pain that I've experienced while breast feeding has been comparable to unmedicated labor contractions.

"Inevitably, all of this has left me feeling like I am failing my baby, frustrated, discouraged, and heart ached."

A New Family

That's terrible. We feel so badly for Audrey.

The faithful star made it clear that she plans to "persist," however, and everyday really should get easier.

Thankfully, too, she has a supportive and helpful husband at home to help with whatever she and Ember need.

"I’m a Dad - loving the perspective shifts and late night cuddles while I read my book," Jeremy concluded as a caption to the above photo.

We continue to wish him and Audrey the very best.

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