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Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana shocked the world earlier this year when they dropped the bombshell news that they had split up. 

The reason the news was shocking was that they had welcomed their first child into the world just months before the announcement, and it certainly got fans speculating about what actually happened between them. 

According to E! News, there were many reasons for the relationship going the way of the flip phone.

Janet and Wissam don’t see eye to eye on many things,” the tipster revealed. 

“One of the many divorcing factors was their religious beliefs. Wissam and Janet did not feel that they were on the same page when it came to this and the way they wanted their child to get raised.”

Being on the same page is integral to keep a relationship flourishing. If you’re not on the same page, then it means arguments are more likely to happen. 

“Janet is more of a free spirit than Wissam. Cultural difference and backgrounds played a major role.”

Janet Jackson on Stage

“Wissam is a very strong minded individual and can come across being hard headed and judgmental at times. Janet started not to feel comfortable around her husband. While she was pregnant Wissam caused stress on Janet and it affected her stress level.”

Now, we all know that stress during a pregnancy is something that should not happen for many reasons, so if Janet was stressed during her pregnancy, it could have changed her outlook on the relationship. 

But that’s not to say that Janet did not want to try and right the ship and stay together with her man. 

Janet Jackson Dances

“They knew it was over before the baby was even born. Janet wanted to make it work, but it could not be saved. She didn’t tell many people about this toxic relationship till after.”

“Her family was never a big fan of her husband. She lost confidence in herself along the way.”

Janet is apparently ready to move on with her life and put the past behind her, and that is the best thing to do given the circumstances. 

“Janet feels like she has broken free from her old life and is slowly starting over,” the source explains.

Janet Jackson in 2009

“Her baby has brought so many new beginnings and life back in Janet. She wants to connect with her fans again and make her concerts something that her fans will remember and love. Janet’s confidence is back.”

It was recently reported by Janet’s brother, Steven Randall “Randy” Jackson that she was “verbally abused” during her marriage to Wissam. 

Fans noticed some big changes with Janet when she got together with Wissam. For a start, she pretty much disappeared from the public eye. 

She also moved to London and was allegedly told by Wissam that she was to cover up and follow his rules, making her compromise on every aspect of her life for him. 

It was not worth it and despite having a baby to “fix things,” their relationship and marriage is over. 

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