Grey's Anatomy Recap: Who Returned From the Dead?

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Megan Hunt made her grand return on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 1, and it paved the way for a whole lot of drama. 

When the episode got underway, Owen reunited with his sister, and she even lied that she had lost all of her memories. 

A Grey's Anatomy Return

Now, that would have been a soapy twist too far ... even for Grey's Anatomy. Thankfully she made her way to Grey Sloane Memorial in one piece. 

Her miraculous return from the dead, however, brought a lot of problems for most of the key players. 

Meredith was struggling to move on from Nathan because it became apparent that he was not going to continue their relationship in light of Megan's return. 

After a lot of back and forth, Megan found out the truth about Meredith. That was because Meredith thought it was time to fess up about all of the secrets. 

Megan let Meredith continue to repair her stomach. The military doctor wanted to return to Irag because she had had a kid there she took in. 

Long story short: There were immigration issues that meant Megan would not be allowed to bring the boy stateside. 

Meredith's drive to complete the surgery was definitely there, but there was not enough tissue to close the wound. 

But, then Meredith had a brainwave: What if she could give Meredith a stomach transplant?

The only issue was finding out whose stomach could be used. That's where the new interns came in and, boy were they an annoying bunch. 

One of them got lucky, and Jo slept with him, but she quickly realized the error of her ways when she learned that he was living in his mother's basement. 

Things took an awkward turn when Meredith interrupted Nathan's proposal to his ex-girlfriend. 

Thanks to Jo stealing all the credit, she got to scrub in and watch the groundbreaking procedure take place. 

Poor Meredith. She never got the man, but at least she was trying to save the woman who he loved the most. 

Meredith saved Megan, but she left Nathan because of his feelings for Meredith. Love is never easy on this show, you guys!

Arizona Has Been Ghosted

While all of that was going down, Arizona was shocked to learn that Arizona had left her behind. 

She quickly learned the real term for it was that she had been "ghosted." As she tried to drown her sorrows, she bumped into a hot young Italian in the bar. 

One thing led to another, and they ended up getting hot and heavy on a couch. They were interrupted by ... Deluca!

The woman was Deluca's brother, and the siblings had a full blown argument in Italian. So, that was horrible for Arizona to go through. 

If Arizona thought it was going to be a one-night stand, she was most definitely wrong. 

Deluca on Grey's Anatomy

The chick got to study at the hospital. She planned to allow people to orgasm in the MRI machine so that she could monitor the brain activity. 

It was something that got everyone intrigued, and she showed off the results to Arizona. It looks like Arizona has a new girlfriend, you guys!

With Teddy back at the hospital and Owen's family revealing their mutual hatred for Amelia, Owen asked her to get therapy. 

This did not go down well, and Amelia spoke a lot of sense when she complained that everyone he associated himself with hated her. 

In reality, Amelia was dealing with a medical emergency of her own. She, too, wanted to perform groundbreaking surgery and hers involved taking a boy's jaw apart to get rid of a tumor. 

Avery was against it because he performed similar surgery and it did not work because he never got the whole tumor out. 

After Owen planted a kiss on Teddy, she shut him down by saying that she did not want to reignite their relationship by him cheating on Amelia. 

It was a great moment between the former couple and proved there was still a spark between them. You have to hand it to Teddy; she handled it perfectly. 

Jo tried to move on from Alex and kept telling herself that he was an awful person. He opened up about what happened with her ex. 

The fact Alex did not kill him made Jo realize she could sleep with him and everything would be right in the world. 

The big finish involved Amelia deciding to masturbate and have Dr. DeLuca watch her brain activity, but it showed up that she had a brain tumor. 

It was a shocking episode of Grey's Anatomy, and the show is just getting started. What did you think of all the twists and turns?

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