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Those wacky Teen Mom girls … even when they actively try to be drama-free, they just can’t help who they are.

It’s amazing, right?

Farrah Abraham Sells Drugs
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A good example of what we’re talking about — because to be fair, most of the trainwreck-iest Teen Moms don’t really try to be anything other than who they are — is a statement Amber Portwood made last month.

In the statement, Amber discussed her issues with Farrah Abraham: issues she claimed just came about because "She has a very strong mind and strong opinions, and so do I."

Because of that, she said that it was "just natural" for them to "kind of clash."

We’d argue that saying Amber and Farrah "kind of clash" is a bit of an understatement.

Mostly because of that one time that Amber tried to punch Farrah in the face on national television.

Still, Amber said that although Farrah is "crazy" and "just kind of did things for publicity," she still loves her.

Amber Portwood at 2017 VMAs
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"I know that for me, I’m ready to let everything go," she added.

However, she tacked on that she was "not really putting any effort into it or thinking about it."

It was kind of a lackluster apology, if you could even call it an apology, but that’s what Amber offered.

And in a new interview of her own, Farrah doesn’t seem too keen on accepting it.

"I would want to bury that hatchet, too," Farrah says now, "but I’m never wrong."

… Yeah, not a great start.

"I’m a great friend," she says of herself. "I’m a stand-up individual and in the same sentence she wants to be friends with me, she always says I’m crazy."

Farrah Abraham Attends 2017 VMAs
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It seems like Farrah really took offense to Amber calling her "crazy," which is fair. She does have her issues to be sure, but it’s still not a nice thing to say about someone.

And let’s be real, it’s not like Amber is without "crazy" issues of her own.

Farrah addresses that too, saying "She’s the only one who is diagnosed with a split personality disorder among other things, which is not a joke. It’s very serious."

To clarify, Amber doesn’t have "split personality disorder," she has borderline personality disorder, and she’s also bipolar.

Regardless, when asked if she would accept a phone call from Amber to privately settle their problems, she says "I believe she’s blocked."

"I just am on a whole other level of my life and I’m focused on my daughter and not on her," she explains.

Farrah Abraham in White
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Still, she says "I wish she would take other people in her circle more seriously so that she could be the happiest Amber."

"I think producers and production play off of that so I would just strive to keep people around you who are there for you."

That’s some startlingly good advice from Farrah Abraham, right?

And she just keeps surprising us — she also says that she’s "happy" Amber finally dumped Matt Baier, because "I told her years ago to ditch him and I’m happy to have finally found out."

She’s not lying — early on in Amber’s relationship with Matt, Farrah did call her up and warn her that he’d tried to get with her first, but she wouldn’t listen.

So really, it sounds like she was the kind of friend she could have used on her side all along.

Funny how things work out, right?

And, though it seems a little premature right now, we’re going to go ahead and say that, when things do finish working out, things will be too far gone for these two ladies to make amends.