Ariel Winter: I Don't MEAN to Show My Butt All the Time!

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Ariel Winter is known for her acting skills, her outspoken feminism, and also for being gorgeous.

She shares a lot of photos and she's in the public eye a lot, so her looks get noticed. It helps that she wears a lot of stuff that shows off her curves.

But now Ariel Winter says that she doesn't actually mean to be showing her butt as much as she does. Which is a bit of a surprise.

Ariel Winter's Cowgirl Snapchat

It might seem like Ariel Winter has been on television forever, but the Modern Family star is 19 years old.

She just happens to have been a child actor before she was an adult actor.

Almost ten months ago, Ariel Winter stirred up controversy by dating Levi Meaden, who turns 30 one week from today.

(Ariel and Levi just head their 9 month anniversary last month)

Even though they're both adults, neither of them are old enough to be each other's parent or whatever, their relationship got and still gets a lot of criticism.

Especially after Levi moved in with Ariel.

In part, maybe it's because of their age gap, though less than 11 years isn't the hugest age gap in the world, especially considering that they're both hot.

(You know that it makes a difference in everyone's minds if they're both hot)

We suspect that the biggest "outrage" behind Ariel dating Levi isn't their age difference or their disparate levels of fame.

It's that a bunch of people thirst after Ariel and are mad that she's dating somebody else.

Ariel Winter's Pizza Butt

Ariel Winter hasn't been shy about showing off her butt.

It's not unusual for her to just let her peach hang out in a bikini.

(Social media is a true gift)

But while we've also seen her badonkadonk whens he's sporting daisy dukes and not much else, apparently she doesn't just wear daisy dukes as an excuse to flaunt her butt.

In fact, the glimpses of her butt cheeks that people get when she's wearing those cutoffs aren't intentional at all.

Ariel Winter in a Bikini on Instagram

Recently, Ariel Winter was spotted in daisy dukes while out and about.

They did basically nothing to conceal her butt, of course. That posterior cannot be tamed, clearly.

But yesterday, Ariel tweeted out that this isn't deliberate.

"I literally do not try and show my ass when I wear ass just eats them up and then I don't notice...awkward af."

(Note that "af" means "as f--k," basically just meaning "very" in youthful parlance shared by Millennials and those members of Generation Z who are of tweeting age, though Ariel is definitely a Millennial)

Ariel Winter at Stampede

In the past, Ariel has made some stellar points about body positivity, slut-shaming, and very specifically about how showing her butt isn't a big deal.

And she's right, it isn't.

Barring some really rare birth defects or truly tragic accidents, everybody has a butt.

Yes, even the folks who lament that they "have no ass." They have a butt, it's just not particularly large or shapely.

Though Ariel Winter's twerking shows that she knows the effect that her butt can have, she's defended herself and her shorts-wearing before, saying that she's not a whore for wearing short-shorts, basically.

That's true. The clothing that you wear doesn't make you promiscuous or a sex worker. And neither being promiscuous or sex workers are a bad thing.

We would point out that we'd advise everyone, not just Ariel Winter, to be conscious of how much of their bodies their clothing might reveal.

Show as much as you like, sure, but if you don't want the parking lot to see your derriere when you put away your groceries, keep that in mind when you pick out your outfit for that day.

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