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Ariel Winter has served up all sorts of drop-dead gorgeous looks, especially recently. Whether we’re talking about Ariel Winter rocking a bikini or lounging like the world’s yummiest pizza topping, this young actress knows how to leave an impression.

Well, during a recent trip — to Canada, of all places! — she’s trying out a look that’s pretty different from what we’re used to seeing from her … but she’s still got that hotness.

We’d just never imagined Ariel Winter as a cowgirl, you know?

Ariel Winter Poses On Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Ariel’s gotten some very unfair criticism over the years.

For her political statements and for having a body and the audacity to show it off however she deems fit.

Also for having an older boyfriend, even though she and Levi Meaden are both adults.

People have even accused Ariel Winter of giving Levi Meaden an allowance, which she of course shut down.

Despite all of this, she continues to have a great sense of humor — remember when Ariel made that post about getting crabs?

She’s a treasure.

And she also continues to share her gorgeous photos with the world.

Surely we can all agree that this is a good thing.

Ariel Winter's Cowgirl Snapchat
Photo via Snapchat

She attended an event called Stampede this week in Calgary — that’s in Alberta, Canada.

It turns out that weird farm animal hijinks aren’t exclusive to the American southwest.

Because it was basically some kind of big indoor rodeo thing.

Thus, the daisy dukes and the tan-colored lace-up bikini top.

Well — that wasn’t the uniform or anything, but when you combine that kind of setting with Ariel Winter …

… You get art is what you get.

Because she looks amazing.

Ariel Winter at Stampede
Photo via Instagram

She captioned this photo: "Startin’ off Stampede with my ol’ pal Jack."

Before you freak out because she’s 19 and, gasp, drinking alcohol …

(Which surely no 19-year-old does, has ever done, or will ever do!)

… You should remember that she’s in Alberta, where the drinking age is 18.

There are some parts of Canada where the drinking age is higher — 19.

America’s hat … that is to say, Canada … has better weather, better healthcare, and more sensible if still-not-quite-there drinking laws.

Call us when their drinking age measures up to, say, Italy’s.

In any case, though, we’re glad that Ariel Winter got to take advantage and enjoy herself.

(On camera, no less!)

Ariel Winter Lays on a Pizza
Photo via Instagram

We suspect that attending Stampede wasn’t the main purpose of her visit to Alberta.

Levi Meaden’s mom, Chris, had a birthday and the young actor couple went up to celebrate.

One can only speculate at how meaningful it is for Ariel to have a good time with Levi’s family.

(Since Ariel’s mother is a nightmare, which is why Ariel became legally emancipated several years ago, when she was still a minor)

It’s so nice to see how far Ariel’s life has come from where it was, you know?