Ariel Winter: Twerking Again ... On Her Dog?!

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Whether Ariel Winter's rocking a crop top (and blowing our minds) or showcasing her booty in all of its splendor, she makes it clear that she knows exactly how hot she is. 

Although she's generally pretty mature for her age, Ariel Winter's sense of humor is, well, that of a 19-year-old. A mature 19-year-old, but still.

Which is why this video combines twerking with ... some genuinely goofy antics. But, hey, at least you'll get to see twerking, right?

Ariel Winter, Back to Work

If Ariel Winter were twerking right in front of your face, you'd take notice, right?

You'd be amused, probably. Or annoyed. Or consumed with lust. Or feel awkward.

Or maybe some combination of two or more or even all of those.  

Ariel Winter's butt isn't something to be ignored.

Unless, of course, you're her dog, Casper.

(We told you that there was some silliness involved)

She shared this goofy twerking video on Snapchat, and it's a strange but enjoyable glimpse into what we like to imagine is Ariel Winter's everyday home life.

Ariel Winter Lays on a Pizza

In this very short video, Ariel Winter's goofiness takes the form of twerking ... in front of her dog.

Casper, who is majestic and beautiful (all dogs are majestic and beautiful; no exceptions), is laying on his side.

Dogs do this when they're tired but especially when they're hot and a floor will help them cool off faster.

(As a kid, I'd sometimes lay on the cold kitchen floor when I had a fever for precisely this reason, but I saw it in its canine form when I got older and started walking dogs)

Unlike when dogs sleep curled up, Casper's legs are sticking out so that air can pass over them and cool him off.

We're guessing that he just got back from a walk and is happily cooling off.

Ariel Winter in a Crop Top

We should note that Ariel Winter, though fully dressed, might be braless under the cropped black-and-white jersey that she's sporting.

As you'll see in the video -- because, frankly, it's hard to miss --- Ariel's boobs move as she's twerking.

Like, a lot.

The motions are positively pendulous.

Twerking while braless with that kind of bust sounds all kinds of uncomfortable to us. 

But if it was Ariel who took Casper for a walk, we're not suggesting that she did the walk braless.

(She knows that she might be photographed by anyone at any time when she's out and about)

But breasts are portable, attached heating pads and bras are extra and often unneeded insulation, especially during the summer.

So Ariel may have just removed her bra as soon as she entered the house, as many women do.

That's just speculation, though. 

Ariel Winter Shows Off Her Peach

Ariel shared the video on Snapchat, so don't worry that you're intruding or seeing some video leaked by an untrustworthy friend.

She captioned it: "Casper do you even care?"

Casper does not seem to care for or about twerking in the slightest.

Enjoy the goofiness or the sexiness or just the tired dog -- whatever part of this short clip floats your boat!

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