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We miss the days when Alaskan Bush People news had to do with finding materials or battling the elements, instead of Ami Brown’s battle with stage four lung cancer.

Despite everything, the Brown family has been forging on and making a new life in Colorado, this time a short distance from a hospital in case things with Ami at home should take a turn for the worse.

Having medical care nearby was a good call, because the latest update on the Brown family says that Ami is back in the hospital.

Ami Brown Image
Photo via Discovery

The Brown family, the stars of Alaskan Bush People — even though they’re now in Colorado — had been grappling with Ami Brown’s tragic cancer diagnosis.

They’ve been dealing with it on camera this season, but the fight for her health and for her life continues off camera, too.

Though Alaskan Bush People fans implored the Brown children to not close Browntown, the family had clearly had enough of roughing it in Alaska.

Honestly, everyone had expected that, between Ami’s cancer diagnosis and how long the series had been running, that the Brown family would just move on and use their reality TV money to live normal lives.

You know, back in civilization.

(Of course, some Alaskan Bush People fans claim that the show is fake because the Brown family has supplies that aren’t foraged, but … no matter what your stance on that might be, the Brown kids weren’t living normal lives)

But the show has still been running strong, and a while back it was reported that they were going ahead with yet another season.

We just hope that Ami Brown can hold on and get more time with her family.

Amy Brown
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But, as you know, she’s returned to the hospital.

The Facebook page known as Alaskan Bush People: Exposed has kept the world abreast of knowledge of the Brown family that doesn’t quite make it on camera.

They posed this oddly cheerful update:

"Just a quick update Ami is in the hospital and still being treated with chemotherapy. We will update as soon as any more details become available. Have a great weekend!"

This doesn’t sound like it was an emergency treatment, so it’s better than Ami having been rushed to the emergency room.

(Which sometimes happens with cancer patients)

Alaskan Bush People: Exposed haven’t provided any other updates or clarification, but we hope that this is just another scheduled round of chemo to help give Ami more time with her husband and her children.

Amy Brown Picture
Photo via Discovery

In the mean time, Ami Brown’s young daughter, Rain, has gotten blasted on social media for posting selfies on Instagram while her mother has cancer.

This kind of criticism is absurd, but sadly not uncommon — people who’ve never had a loved one get a cancer diagnosis often don’t realize that life goes on, no matter the circumstances.

Rain Brown posting flower crown selfies to Instagram and enjoying her life is exactly what Ami Brown wants for her daughter to experience.

We’ve seen this with other celebrity kids whose parents are sick.

We’ve even seen this kind of thing with the Brown family.

Some fans have slammed Noah Brown for "abandoning" his family when really he’s just living his life and going places with his fiancee, as if visiting a zoo and loving his mother are mutually exclusive.

Fans who expect every Brown family social media post to be some sort of weeping, black-and-white tribute to Ami Brown don’t understand family, or grief, or life.

Ami Brown on TV
Photo via Discovery

We’re all rooting for the Brown family matriarch to pull through.

Fans just wished Ami Brown happy birthday last week, and they aren’t prepared to see her go.

Neither, we’re sure, is Ami’s large if unconventional family.

We don’t know what will become of the family or the series if Ami loses her battle, and it’s hard to imagine the entire Brown family going on as before without Ami.

For now, though, she’s getting these chemo treatments to fight tooth-and-nail for her life. That’s all that anyone can do.