The Bachelorette Finale: Rachel Lindsay Gets the Proposal From HELL!

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If you follow The Bachelorette spoilers, you already know Rachel Lindsay's ultimate decision - or at least we think we know.

We know for sure that Rachel Lindsay has regrets from this season .... but surely you'd think the proposal wouldn't be among them.

Apparently not.

Rachel Lindsay in Green

In fact, according to a new report, it sounds like Rachel's big moment - the epic, fairy tale season-ender - was a nightmare.

Before that, according to what an insider tells In Touch Weekly, Lindsay was extremely torn at the time of the engagement.

Because? She "fell in love with two of the men."

Honestly, at the risk of sounding like Tina from Bob's Burgers, we're amazed that she didn't fall in love with a lot more of them.

But knowing that she fell in love with both explains why the final breakup is so brutal.

"The fairy-tale moment that Rachel was dreaming of her whole life was a complete ordeal. It was the proposal from hell."

Wow. That is just ... really direct.

Rachel Lindsay in LA

We don't know how much of that will translate onto the small screen when we all get to see the finale, but 

"She even considered walking away from the whole thing because she was terrified of making the wrong choice."

We actually knew that Rachel Lindsay thought about quitting The Bachelorette, so that makes a lot of sense.

It's good to have context, though.

"In her mind, this whole thing was going to end differently."

Well, as much as we might enjoy watching a spin-off along the lines of The Bachelorette: Polyamorously Ever After, the grim fact is that Rachel Lindsay went into this knowing that she'd have to settle on just one suitor.

So we're not sure what she was expecting.

Rachel Lindsay with a Flower

We think that what that source means is that Rachel Lindsay was expecting that just one suitor would rise above the others.

Like if she were in a room full of, somehow, dozens of copies of Trump's adult sons but exactly one Michael Phelps and she had to choose which one to marry.

It turns out that dating in real life isn't all that easy.

And choosing between a host of suitors isn't as easy as it seemed when she wasn't the one making the choices.

The Bachelorette's finale is several days away -- somehow really soon and ages away.

Before we know it (and yet not a moment too soon), we'll all get to see how this plays out ... and see if all those Bachelorette spoilers are on the money. 


Thanks to the Bachelor in Paradise scandal this summer spoiling the elimination of a frontrunner after he was spotted down there, we know Rachel Lindsay's choice.

It will be very interesting to see this dude, who was clearly overwhelmed with heartbreak after Rachel Lindsay didn't choose him, nurse his wounded spirit on Bachelor in Paradise.

Honestly, we'd be surprised if he found love so soon after such emotional devastation.

Remember -- the man who doesn't become Rachel's fiance reportedly broke down and cried after Rachel's rejection.

No matter how happy Rachel may be now, this is going to be one bittersweet proposal.

(Or, possibly, just a bitter one.)

This season of The Bachelorette is sure to go down as a controversial one.

Fans are definitely opinionated about the final suitors.

They don't trust the Bryan Abasolo's silver tongue and his promises to give Rachel everything that she's ever wanted.

Bachelor Nation in general is enamored with Peter Kraus and are honestly terrified that 

Eric Bigger ... hasn't actually managed to inflame passions one way or the other. That's actually not great for a show like this.

We may already know, but the world will find out soon enough!

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