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As those who follow Little People, Big World know, Audrey Roloff is super mega pregnant (she’s due at the end of the month).

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time to keep us updated on her pregnancy and life, and address her many fans.

Audrey Roloff is Pregnant
Photo via Instagram

Sometimes that means reaching out to them, and sometimes that means giving them a much-needed boost over social media.

This story, about how Audrey Roloff inspired and uplifted one of her disabled followers, will touch your heart.

Maya La’shae has cerebral palsy and, after taking Audrey Roloff’s advice, began to blog about her life and experiences.

Blogging isn’t just for politics or whatever — it can be positively therapeutic. It can also build communities.

As Maya shares in this Instagram post accompanying a collage that she made, she credits the idea behind to blog to Audrey.

"I made this yesterday @audreyroloff I remember when I talked to you about wanting to share my story about my disability but didn’t really know how or what to do and you said to me how about you start a blog."

Good advice.

"I said could I really do that and had 1000 things going on you said nothing is impossible without god. In April I started my blog without you this would not have happened."

Pregnant Audrey Roloff
Photo via Instagram

Between Facebook and Instagram, Maya already has hundreds of followers.

"It took me a while to [figure] out what you meant by that you mean I can do anything I put my mind too. As I look back I think look at god he bless me and got me where I am today."

Cerebral palsy can come with a host of symptoms, from trouble with movement to problems with one’s senses to trouble swallowing.

About one-third of those with cerebral palsy have trouble thinking as a symptom of their condition.

Maya can blog, but not everyone with CP could do the same.

"My point is it is not often you find godly woman to motivate you and speak to you about anything your wanting to know."

"Now I know why you say always more it means never give up and motivate people more and more."

Audrey Roloff Maternity Photo
Photo via Instagram

Reaching out to your followers and inspiring them is arguably the best use of celebrity status or fame.

"@audreyroloff you are gods giver and definitely on of my inspirations in life."

That is so sweet!

And it gets sweeter.

Audrey Roloff shared the post via her Instagram story, boosting it so that her hundreds of thousands of followers would see it.

Faith — from any religion or body of spiritual belief — can be integral to a person’s life and identity.

That can often be extra true for people who understandably have more existential questions, like those who have chronic conditions and lifelong disabilities.

Audrey Roloff clearly shares her faith with Maya, and that is so empowering and uplifting and beautiful.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff Embrace
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Now, Audrey Roloff can sometimes be a controversial character.

Like, she gave out relationship advice that compared marriage to war and referred to porn as a "danger" to her marriage or maybe just to marriages in general.

(Also "idolizing your kids," whatever that means)

She got some perplexed reactions when she talked about how reciting marital vows during sex is so hot.

Now, talking during sex is pretty normal, but that’s … different.

But, hey, to each their own, right?

Most recently, it seemed that Audrey Roloff condemned millennials as a "crooked and twisted generation," though Audrey herself is a Millennial and the prayer that she shared may have been using "generation" in a different sense, referring to all of humanity.

(Which is … better? Maybe)

Honestly, though, Audrey’s "controversies" are nothing when you compare her to other reality stars.

Audrey Roloff Via Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Honestly, think what you will about Audrey Roloff’s controversial statements.

But you should absolutely give her credit where credit is due, and boosting a fan’s moving post was very, very sweet.

Honestly, when we see Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff together, we don’t think about controversies or even their sweet moments.

We think that their baby is pretty much destined to have fantastic hair.

Like, red hair is a recessive trait (I would know), so nothing’s guaranteed in that department.

But when both of your parents have top-notch hair, you hope that their kid will inherit that same greatness.