Rain Brown Thanks Fans for Support, Grows Emotional Over Mother

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Rain Brown refers to her social media followers as "Rainbows."

And she's forever grateful that these Rainbows have been coming out in full, supportive, beautiful force over the past several weeks.

Rain Brown

As we've sadly been documenting, Rain and all Alaskan Bush People cast members have been living a nightmare for nearly all of 2017:

Matriarch Ami Brown has been diagnosed with lung cancer and the latest update on her condition is a tragic and frightening one:

According to a Facebook page dedicated to the Brown family, Ami's cancer has reached Stage 4, the most grave of all the stages.

Her tumor is not operable and we can't say for certain how much time she has left. But it may not be very much.

In order to get Ami the best treatment possible, the family took the significant step of leaving its enclave in Alaska many months ago, flying down to California to admit Brown to a hospital.

We hope and pray she is comfortable and feeling the best she can be under these circumstances.

Ami in the Hospital

For understandable reasons, Rain is hesitant to get into much detail regarding her mother.

But the 15-year old did share a video on Instagram that touched on the situation and that also offered a message of gratitude to her loyal followers and fans.

“All of your support and love is amazing and it’s great to know there are so many Rainbows out there,” said the teenage reality star, fighting back tears.

Aware that viewers are concerned and curious about Ami, Rain did bring up her sick parent. She did acknowledge the very unfortunate circumstance.

And she did say she'll provide a health update “when I can," but that was the extent of it for now.

Rain Brown Picture

As a caption to another snapshot, Rain wrote the following, seemingly in regard to her family's strife these days:

I still struggle some days and today was one of those days, but once I took a step back and realized it’s just another beautiful piece of life, just maybe one I don’t like…

If you are struggling with something that seems impossible, just know you can make it out of this and find your true self no matter how hard it seems...

And you do have people that love and care for you and if you don’t, you’ll always have me.

Rain Brown Photo

We send our prayers to Rain and her loved ones.

We can only imagine what they are going through right now.

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