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Amy Duggar has always been a rebel compared to her cousins, and she’s making that point again following recent social media backlash.

Plain and simple, the 30-year-old says she shouldn’t be compared to her relatives, or judged by the standards of her uncle Jim Bob.

Amy Duggar King and Dillon King
Photo via Instagram

On Saturday, Amy posted the above photo of herself kissing her husband, Dillon, who is embracing her with his hand on her back side.

From most celebrities, this would be pretty tame, but the Duggar name carries a certain stigma – one that Amy doesn’t care for at all.

In defending the image, she hinted that she may’ve once felt ashamed for living differently than her famous family, but she doesn’t now. 

Without a doubt, Amy is conservative by most people’s standards, but compared to the other Duggars, she has been totally out of control.

She dated different people, kissed her husband before marrying him, and frequently wore jeans, shorts, and (gasp … the horror) bikinis.

For the most part, Duggar fans respect that Amy lives her own life, but some of the purists can be particularly harsh about stuff like this.

Amy Duggar Baby Bump?
Photo via Instagram

When fans assailed her, suggesting that the way her husband is touching her is inappropriate, Amy fired back and did not mince words.

“I call it flirting, besides nobody was around! He doesn’t just grab my butt walking through Wal-Mart ha!" Amy responded to one comment.

"And besides that’s not even a grab it’s simply placed there… heck we are married! Call me trashy or whatever but we are keeping our love alive!”

“I use to get all concerned about what people thought and all the comments I have received that made me feel negative about myself."

"But now that has all changed.”

Amy sarcastically notes that "you know staying home & sewing skirts and memorizing the whole Bible in a day is definitely my lifestyle.” 

Amy Duggar, Husband
Photo via WEtv

She then went off on people for the many comparisons to the cult, sorry, the lifestyle espoused by her famous aunt and uncle in Tontitown.

“I’m so tired of being compared to my cousins and that side of the family. Stop being so judgemental," Amy said, putting her fans on blast.

Referencing the famous Jessa Duggar swimsuit pic, she said, "People … write comments to me about wearing a bathing suit in the pool."

"Lol I mean I’m not going to wear scuba gear, or shorts and a t-shirt to swim in that’s ridiculous in my mind. I listen to music."

"I’ll have a glass of wine with my girls, I dance, I wear bikinis, and I love Jesus. I don’t feel ashamed anymore.” 

The image in question:

Jessa Duggar Swimsuit Photo

Jessa Duggar’s very, very modest swimwear that includes a knee-length skirt and covers every inch of her chestal region is well documented.

The Duggar Family Blog has said that the Duggar ladies swim in clothing from Wholesome Wear, a company designed for exactly this.

To abide by Michelle Duggar’s dress code, that essentially means a short wetsuit with a dress over it … or “scuba gear” as Amy calls it.

While Amy says she doesn’t let the haters get to her, she did acknowledge that she got riled up a little just the same, adding:

“Nobody types faster than a ticked off female!”

Check out the gallery below for more images of Amy rebelling much harder than Jinger Duggar’s shorts and Nikes can hope to achieve.