Drake to Chris Brown: Stop Creeping on Rihanna!

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Fact: Rihanna is a queen, and we are honestly not worthy to bear witness to her magnificence.

Another fact: Chris Brown is the absolute worst.

Rihanna in Barbados

Both of those things are true beyond the shadow of a doubt, and we've known them for a very, very long time now.

But still, thanks to a certain Instagram post, we're having to face those facts all over again.

See, Rihanna has been in Barbados at the Crop Over Festival, looking absolutely phenomenal and living her best life.

Because she is too good to us, she shared some photos from the festival -- you can see an example above.

And because Chris Brown is incapable of thinking things through before making a choice (and of making a good choice at all), he decided to comment on the photo.

To be specific, he decided to comment with the googly eyes emoji:

Chris Brown IG Comment

Ridiculous, right?

Thankfully, many of Rihanna's loyal fans were quick to call him out for the comment.

"Put them eyes back where they were," one person advised. Another wrote "Bitch keep your distance from my queen."

One straight talker told Chris "A real man don't hit no woman -- you lost your chance along with a sh-t ton of respect. Stop playing yourself."

Yet another commenter wrote what we were all thinking: "Not today, Satan. Not today."

And it seems like Rihanna's fans aren't the only ones who think Chris needs to check himself.

Rihanna at Crop Over

According to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life, Drake also wants to make sure this jackass backs up a little bit.

"Drake thinks Chris looks sad, lonely and desperate for comment creeping on Rihanna's Instagram," the source claims.

Well, he's not wrong ...

The source also says that "Drake feels it is time to Chris to grow up and move on from Rihanna. Drake is very protective and has a lot of love for her even though he is not with Rihanna."

But it doesn't end there!

"Drake is not afraid of Chris," the source continues, "and even reached out to Rihanna to let her know that he is willing to talk to Chris if she needed him to tell Chris to back off."

Drake in a Vest

"Drake even joked with his own team that, if Chris is not careful, he is going to find himself on the bad end of another restraining order."

Honestly, it wouldn't be the worst idea for Rihanna to get a restraining order against Chris -- another one, anyway.

Especially if he feels like it's acceptable to leave weird comments on photos she shares of herself.

But, on a lighter, lovelier note, we can definitely believe that Drake really feels this way about the situation, and that he'd be willing to let Chris know what's up if Rihanna feels uncomfortable.

After all, when they were dating it was extremely obvious how much he loved her, and it's hard to imagine those feelings have completely gone away, no matter what went down between them.

Thank goodness there are at least a few good ones left, right?

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