Anna Duggar: Refusing to Follow Josh Duggar's Rules?!

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Back in April, a photo of Jinger Duggar wearing pants surfaced online, and many fans posited that the pic signaled the start of a rebellion.

For Jinger and her long-oppressed sisters, this was the beginning of a revolution of sorts, and a not-so-subtle message to Jim Bob Duggar.

Months later, however, the revolution seems to have stalled.

Jinger Duggar With ... Anna Duggar?

The women of the Duggar clan have, for the most part, chosen to stick to the Draconian dress code devised by their parents.

But that doesn't mean that Jinger's gesture of independence hasn't planted the seeds of insurrection elsewhere in her family.

The above photo, one of many from her recent trip to Little Rock, Ark., was posted to Jinger's Instagram page earlier this week.

The woman who accompanied her to the Arkansas State Capitol Building remains unidentified, but some fans have a theory.

Could Jinger's pants-clad traveling companion be Josh's wife?!

“Girl on left ... Anna???” commented one curious fan.

“Anna could be a fit for the woman on the left. But I doubt, she would ever wear pants!" wrote another member of Duggar Nation.

Meredith Duggar Image

Yes, many believe they've solved the mystery of "the girl on the left" (probably also the title of a bestselling thriller hitting bookstores this fall).

We know that Jinger, who now lives in Texas with husband Jeremy, spent some time with Anna during her trip to Little Rock. 

The photo above is being cited as further evidence that Josh's long-suffering wife has joined the Duggar Pants Party.

That's Josh and Anna's daughter Meredith, the youngest of their four (soon to be five) kids, rocking a pair of tiny jeans.

It's hard to believe, but typically, the Duggars' no-pants rule extends to very young children (see Jennifer Duggar's birthday controversy).

So Anna allowing her daughter to wear jeans may be telling.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

Is this a quiet indication that Anna agrees with the rest of the world that Jim Bob and Michelle's dress code is completely idiotic?

If anyone would have reason to reject some of the rules and values with which the Duggar children were raised, it'd be Anna.

Despite the frequent Josh and Anna divorce rumors, the couple is still together and expecting their fifth child this year.

Given that he was caught engaging in multiple acts of sexual impropriety (some of them criminal), that alone is surprising.

If nothing else, it stands to reason that Anna would start making some changes in their relationship and, quite literally, wearing the pants.

So is that really Anna rocking a pair of Levi's next to Jinger?

We may never know for sure, but a website can hope.

And needless to say, we're cheering her on if it is.

In any case, you can follow the link to watch Counting On online for more from Anna and reality TV's most controversial family.

There's no shortage of material to speculate on these days, especially with Jim Bob battling his sons-in-law over religion.

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