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September 1st is right around the corner, folks! That’s not just the day that students return to Hogwarts — it’s also Audrey Roloff’s due date! Childbirth doesn’t always happen as expected, but … that baby’s coming soon, regardless.

Audrey’s been preparing for this for ages, so she’s got this, right?

But Audrey has one question for other moms in situations like hers, and she’s actually asking fans and followers for advice.

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Audrey Roloff has shared some adorable pregnancy details over the past few months.

In fact, she really hasn’t been shy at all about her experiences, and she’s shared her hopes and fears about her child (she’s expecting a daughter) and motherhood.

Now, though, she’s asking for advice about balancing two very important parts of her life:

"Attention momapreneurs… how do you do it?!"

That’s vague and we personally would have said momtrapreneurs, but she explains.

"I think the thing I am most nervous for post labor/delivery is learning to balance being a mom while running my businesses."

A balance between work and life is something that most people strive to achieve, because that’s the key to being a happy but also functional person.

It’s extra challenging for working moms.

It turns into a real-life puzzle when you are your own boss.

"I know that my priorities will need to take a shift, and I know that I won’t be able to give as much as I once could to @beating50 and @shopalwaysmore barre3, and writing, but I want to find that sweet spot."

There are clearly two levels to what she’s describing.

The first is that she needs to figure out how much to work as a working mom versus how much time to spend with her child.

The second is to figure out what sort of maternity leave situation she should do.

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"I’m trying so hard to plan and get organized so that I can take some kind of a ‘maternity leave’ but I feel a little lost…"

Here is where she stops confessing her situation and asks for advice.

"If you’re a mom that works from home, runs your own shop, or started your own business, I would love to hear your advice!"

If there’s one thing that we know for sure about the internet, it’s that people love to give advice to pregnant women.

Let’s hope that the fact that Audrey Roloff is soliciting advice doesn’t deter the people who always have an opinion.

(Or, better yet, that it doesn’t deter the people with actual experience who can offer helpful advice, instead of just telling her to not eat cereal with artificial coloring in it while she’s pregnant or whatever)

"Also, if you follow any rad momapreneurs out there, tag them in the comments! Pc: @jeremyroloff ?#momapreneur #shopalwaysmore #alwaysmoredevotionals #beating50percent #morethanoils #stayingido #journeyofjerandauj #alwaymore"

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Audrey is 26, folks, but she’s willing and eager to benefit from the experiences of others.

And she got some very helpful-sounding comments, too.

"I don’t feel there is such a thing as complete organization when you’re a mother. When they are babies, their demands have to be met no matter what you need to get done or what you were in the middle of. When they get a little older and [are] more mobile, you literally have to watch them every second."

That same commenter mentions that sometimes the house ends up being a mess.

We would add to that — not all children are the same. Some very young children are naturally very self-sufficient and will happily play alone with minimal supervision (obviously they still need supervision).

Other kids, even if they just wake up before the rest of their family, will get into anything and everything.

Some of these commenters sound like they’re about ready to adopt Audrey.

"PLEASE don’t miss out on taking time to enjoy your baby girl, like just doing nothing but staring at her and enjoying her smell and sounds! The time truly does go by so quickly and you can never get those precious moments back. I took my son back to work with me at three weeks, and I still regret the time I missed with him by choosing work. The work will always wait darlin’, but your little one won’t wait to grow up."

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Audrey Roloff has high hopes for her daughter, and she hopes that she and Jeremy Roloff will have a whole bunch of children.

That said, she hasn’t been any stranger to controversy.

Audrey Roloff said a strangely worded prayer for her daughter that had some people puzzled and others pretty unhappy.

In it, she referred to hoping that her daughter grows up just fine in the "midst of a crooked and twisted generation," which sounds ominous and people of a couple of generations felt insulted.

Like, what’s the worst thing that Millennials do? Not continue to pour money into businesses that refuse to adapt to the current market? Eat avocado?

And Generation Z isn’t even old enough to have a name — or vote.

We don’t think that Audrey meant that as a jab at either of those generations (Audrey herself is a Millennial, you guys).

Instead, she may have meant "generation" more like it’s used in a lot of Judeo-Christian religious writing, and she may have just been referring to everyone who is alive at the moment.

Because, you know, while the world is overall improving, it’s still pretty effed place right now, and it’s not the ideal geopolitical climate for bringing a child into this world.

But, you know, kids keep on happening, and we’re so looking forward to the birth of Audrey and Jeremy’s little one.

(Whoever she turns out to be, she’s basically guaranteed to have great hair — just look at her parents!)