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If you’re a famous person and also a mother, let’s be real: the odds are kind of stacked against you.

Since you’re famous, you probably have social media, and since you’re a mother, you probably post photos of your children.

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And, as countless strangers are so, so quick to inform you, every single thing you ever, ever do with your children is 100% wrong.

We’ve seen celebrity moms get bashed time and time again — it’s got to be some strange, twisted hobby for some people.

Sometimes the bashing is warranted. For instance, when people were alarmed that Jenelle Evans took her toddler to the beach during a hurricane, that made sense.

But a lot of times, celebs are criticized for just the dumbest things.

Really, just total nonsense.

Check out this apparently scandalous photo of Jessa Duggar’s oldest son, Spurgeon, and you’ll see what we’re talking about:

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Cute, right?

The photo was posted to the Duggar family’s official Facebook page, along with the caption "This little guy was prepared with two bottles!"

And pretty much immediately after it was posted, the haters descended.

"But why?" you may be wondering. "It’s a cute picture of a cute kid, what’s the problem."

The problem is that precious little Spurgeon is 21 months old — he’ll celebrate his second birthday in November.

According to most people who know things about babies and bottles, you should try to transition kids to cups when they’re about a year old.

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Well, that’s one problem here. The other is that so many people love judging others.

"Why is he still using a bottle?" one person asked. "My grandson was off the bottle right after he turned 1."

"Uh, he’s a little old for a bottle," another commented.

"Time to take them away, sweetie," another advised.

Many people had similar sentiments: that he’s too old now to drink a bottle, and that he needs to be given cups instead.

One particularly outraged person wrote "There nothing you can say make think this ok," which, roughly translated, we’re imagining means something like "There’s nothing you can say to make me think this is OK."

"Lazy parents let their child over Yr have bottle," that same person continued. "This just bad."

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"As for mom shaming don’t put picture of your kid up doing something you know will get you shaming if you don’t want it."

Thankfully, many people defended Jessa here.

After all, the bottles could belong to Spurgeon’s little brother, or she could just be having an exceptionally hard time weaning him.

Either way, it’s not really our business, is it?

Look, there are tons of reasons to hate on the Duggars. Tons. Oodles and oodles of reasons.

But honestly, this photo simply isn’t one of them.