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Audrey Roloff is not leaving on a jet plane.

That would most definitely be against doctor’s orders right now.

But the Little People, Big World star still says her bags are packed and she’s ready to go…

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… to the hospital, that is!

In a new Instagram post, the excited mother-to-be offers fans an update on her pregnancy and her overall mindset, as she counts down the days until she and Jeremy Roloff become first-time parents.

"We are getting down to the wire… I’m 37 weeks!!!" Audrey wrote as a caption to the photo above.

"We finally started packing our hospital bags today just in case baby girl decides to come early… but we are hoping to have a little more time to get life in order before her big debut."

Audrey isn’t due until August 31.

But she may very well go into labor at any point now, and it’s a smart idea to be prepared.

"I feel like pregnancy just flew by and I can’t believe we are already at the end!" she added on her social media page yesterday.

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The reality star has been keeping followers apprised of her baby bump status for months.

She’s been very open about her pregnancy and about her relationship with Jeremy in general, recently giving fans a look at her nursery and even taking them inside a fight she had with her husband.

Audrey often offers words of wisdom and hope for her fans.

She shares many notes about love and God and religion and faith.

But this is new territory for the star.

She readily admits that she could benefit from some of your experiences.

"I’d love to hear some of your advice for labor and delivery, songs or scriptures that got you through those tough contractions, what to pack in your hospital bag, and/or what you wish you knew before becoming a first time momma," she concluded in this post, adding of something in the background:

"ps that rad essential oils rack was my birthday gift made by my talented husband."

Well done, Jeremy!

It sounds like Audrey has the most important item of all for her labor and delivery: a supportive husband.

She and Jeremy and the rest of her loved ones will be featured on new episodes of Little People, Big World this fall, as Season 14 is expected to focus largely on Audrey and these latter stages of her pregnancy.

We’ll also be treated to glimpse of Molly Roloff’s wedding, along with updates on Zach and Tori Roloff’s son.

It’s been a busy few months for this family, that’s for sure!

With a new baby on the way, we doubt things will slow down, either!

We continue to wish Audrey and Jeremy the very best of luck as they inch closer and closer to meeting their daughter. How exciting!