The Bachelorette Winner: Revealed By Rachel Lindsay Confidant & Former Competitor?!

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It's getting harder and harder to keep a lid on The Bachelorette spoilers over at ABC. Even people on the actual show can't help themselves!

Today, it's Rachel Lindsay's close friend, and former competitor on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, whose words are quite telling.

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Again, if you're the type of person who eats up Bachelorette spoilers around the clock, you're well aware of the predicted outcome by now.

Still, those behind-the-scenes scoops come from shadowy sources whose intel makes its way to the Oracle of Spoilers, Reality Steve.

Good as Steve is, he's imperfect, and there's no way to truly tell if he's right - or wrong, as he has been on occasion - until the show airs.

Which makes cast member "scoops" so interesting.

Yesterday, Dean Unglert's comments on one of the remaining three suitors were interpreted as a giveaway of The Bachelorete ending.

Now it's Lindsay's pal Astrid Loch, a familiar face from Nick Viall's turn as the Bachelor, whose off-hand comments may reveal a lot.

Astrid (The Bachelor)

Naturally, Loch is dialed in to what's going on with Rachel, and no doubt privy to who her friend and former competitor ends up with.

In describing Lindsay's recent travel schedule, Astrid mentioned some very specific locales that Bachelor Nation sleuths seized upon.

With the season winding down, Loch was talking about Rachel's pre-wedding festivities and may have spilled more than she intended.

"They are going to Dallas to have a party there. He gets to meet all of her friends and non-Bachelor people, too," Loch told ET.

And then the kicker from the not-so-smooth friend: "They're going to Miami after that to have an engagement party there, too."

Only one suitor is from Miami ...


Now, anyone could throw a "destination" engagement party in Miami, mind you ... but that happens to be where Bryan Abasolo lives.

So while it's far from a "spoiler" in the sense that it 100 percent proves Rachel and Bryan are engaged, it's not difficult to assume that.

Loch didn't mention Baltimore or Madison - the hometowns of Eric Bigger and Peter Kraus, respectively - and Dean dropped a key hint as well.

According to Unglert, the fourth-place finisher this season, he wants Kraus to be The Bachelor (though Dean himself is a favorite now).

So while no one has come out and said that Rachel ends up engaged to Bryan Abasolo, it's beginning to look like a pretty decent bet.

You never know, though.

Could Eric pull this out?

Will fan favorite Peter overcome the hurdles of this week, when he candidly told Rachel he wasn't quite there in terms of a proposal?

Or is Bryan THE guy?

It will all play out in the coming weeks, but as of this minute, you'd be crazy not to assume Bryan is the slight favorite, if not a heavier one.

Whether fans are happy about that is another story. Kraus seems to enjoy the lion's share of the popularity among Bachelor Nation.

Where do you stand?

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