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For several weeks now, bafflement over Bella Thorne dating Scott Disick dating has been a constant in certain corners of social media.

The relationship makes no sense, and yet it seems Bella keeps getting pulled back in by Scott, like some sort of Millennial Michael Corleone who’s desperately thirsty for Instagram followers.

Scott Disick Laughs It Up

Except even as a PR stunt, Bella and Scott don’t make any sense, because while the public may be fascinated by such an odd coupling, his effect on her public image seems to be wholly negative.

Bella traveled to Cannes with Disick back in June, and she returned prematurely with tales of Scott’s heavy drinking and non-stop partying.

It was widely assumed that Bella would be done with Scott after that.

Not only because they seemed to be a terrible match from the start, but because while Scott may have temporarily boosted Bella’s visibility, he did little for her popularity.

Maybe it was the raging alcoholism, the fact that he’s 15 years her senior, or the realization that she was dating a reality star who’s best known for being a sh-tty father and partner, but whatever the reason, it seems Bella has come to her senses.

Bella Thorne at the AMAs

"I have my eye on [someone]," she admitted. "I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon enough."

Asked if the dude she’s got her eye on happens to be the same guy who has a few kids with Kourtney Kardashian, Bella clarified:

"Oh goodness. No, it’s not Scott Disick."

Thorne then seemed to get defensive when asked to define the nature of her relationship.

"I have absolutely nothing to say," Bella said, before continuing to speak on the matter:

"We’re friends. Deal with it," she said.

"People can be friends, it’s a thing. It actually happens, so get over it, guys."

Bella Thorne Playboy Pic

Yeah! 34-year-old dads are platonic friends with teenage girls all the time!

Sure, the cops usually get involved, but that’s a different story.

Scott has yet to offer his side of the story, but he has said in the past that he and Bella are not dating … they’re just having sex.

We’re guessing Bella has no comment on his assessment of their relationship.