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There is nothing more embarrassing than having your parents on social media.

They are all up in your business, checking where you’ve checked into. It can be pretty crazy. 

Seth Rogen at Movie Premiere
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It can also be pretty funny, and Seth Rogen is learning the hard way that his mother will embarrass him at every single opportunity thrown her way. 

In a hilarious exchange between the mother-son, Seth reacts in shock to his mother chatting about sex to her 41,000 followers. 

No, that was not a typo. Seth Rogen’s mother is all over Twitter commenting about sex. 

Seth Tweet 1

“Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga.!,” said Sandy Rogen on Twitter on July 5, shocking everyone who laid eyes on the tweet. 

Sandy Rogen In China
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People tweeted that they were waiting to see Seth’s response, and, well, he did not take it all that well. 

“Jesus fucking Christ mom,” the 35-year-old actor clapped back at his mother. 

Seth Tweet 2

However, Sandy was not in an apologetic mood and went with a witty response to her son. 

“It’s just an observation of life!” she responded. We’re actually very surprised the tweet did not disappear from existence. 

Seth Tweet 3

Whenever celebrities tweet embarrassing things, they are generally swiftly deleted. 

“Whatever!!,” Seth replied, apparently irate by the whole thing. We can’t even begin to imagine how shocked and embarrassed he was at the time, but it was still hilarious. 

Seth Tweet 4

“Whateverrrrrrrr mom mm!,” said back, clearly wanting to keep the exchange going strong. 

Another family member named Danya chimed in with their thoughts on the matter. 

Sandy Rogen in Liverpool
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“Seriously. I actually gagged,” the family member said. 

Seth Tweet 6

“It’s gnarly,” Seth responded, while his mother said: “Lame!”

Seth Tweet 7
Seth Tweet 8

Something tells us there are going to be some awkward silences the next time Seth meets up with his mother. 

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