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It’s been nine months since we first learned that Prince Harry is dating Meghan Markle, and engagement rumors have pretty much been flying non-stop the entire time.

Based on insider accounts of the situation, we’re guessing Harry will eventually pop the question.

But if Camilla Parker Bowles has her way, Meghan won’t be giving him the answer he wants.

Meghan Markle Throwback Pic
Photo via Instagram

Parker Bowles, as you’re likely aware, is the second wife of Prince Charles.

She reportedly disapproves of Meghan for reasons that remain unclear.

Sources say Camilla has repeatedly appealed to her husband in an effort to get Harry to call it quits.

Now, she’s trying a different tack and taking her argument straight to the source.

No, she’s not trying to talk Harry out of proposing …

… she’s trying to talk Meghan out of accepting.

We should add that all of this comes from an Australian Yahoo! site, and should thus be taken with many grains of salt, but it’s not the first we’ve heard of Camilla looking down her nose at Meghan.

“She told Meghan that she didn’t like her relationship with Harry and that she should think twice before agreeing to his marriage proposal because Camilla was planning to make her life very tough,” a source tells the site.

“She’s long thought Meghan isn’t good enough for Harry and told her that she’s not welcome in the royal family.”

The site claims that Camilla isn’t keen on Meghan for the usual reasons (she’s American; she’s an actress; she stars on a basic cable show that no one watches outside of nursing homes), but there’s an additional reason for her disdain, as well:

Apparently, Meghan was in a two-year relationship with a “celebrity chef” named Corey Vilitello when she met Harry.

Meghan Markle in 2015
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She promptly dropped Corey like a hot rock because “prince” trumps “celebrity chef” any day, and Camilla thinks it was the shadiest of moves.

Markle’s own sister has accused her of being a status-obsessed social climber, and while most of her claims have been debunked, it seems Camilla is still riding the anti-Meghan train.

Based on how smitten Harry seems, we doubt Meghan has anything to worry about.