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Remember how Pilot Jones revealed that Blac Chyna cyberbullied him and made him want to die? It looks like he’s back … for revenge.

Or, at the very least, he’s totally capitalizing on Blac Chyna being such a hot topic, because his new song features jabs at "an ex" — and it’s not difficult to follow the wildly unsubtle clues to Chyna.

Especially when we tell you about the video.

Pilot Jones, Mimosa

Pilot Jones’ star may be brighter than ever.

He’s coming out with new music — you can already get "Closure" pretty much everywhere.

He has a gorgeous voice.

Maybe more so than you’d imagined.

(Though, you know, he was on Glee, so it goes with the territory)

But it’s another song of his that seems to refer to Blac Chyna at every turn. …

Pilot Jones Selfie

The song is called "Flossin."

It is not about dental hygiene.

(We think)

It’s about how things are so much worse for his "unnamed ex" without him.

TMZ got to listen to a small sample, and Pilot Jones’ lyrics go like this:

"I ain’t seen you in a while/And you look like s–t/You look like s–t without me/S–t without me."


"And you ain’t seen me in a whi-i-ile/And I’m the s–t/I’m the s–t without you/S–t without you."

He apparently then taunts the unnamed ex about missing him, no matter how she might try to deny it.

Pilot Jones, Big Hat

If that doesn’t have you convinced that Pilot Jones is singing about Chyna, don’t worry.

You might be thinking that it could still hypothetically be about plenty of exes, right?

(We’re not alleging that he has plenty of exes because we’re stereotyping him because he’s bisexual — he’s just young and attractive and kinda famous, and having your share of exes kind of goes with the territory)

But TMZ reports that the music video is where Pilot Jones gets heavy-handed with it.

A model named AzMarie Livingston is portraying the "ex" in his video, and it’s said that she will be more than a little reminiscent of Blac Chyna.

From how her hair is styled to how she dresses, we’re going to be reminded of a (hotter) Blac Chyna throughout the video.

Pilot Jones called Blac Chyna a "master manipulator," but it sounds like he knows how to exploit an opportunity.

You know what?

After what Chyna and Rob Kardashian put Pilot Jones through, good for Pilot for using it to his advantage.

Pilot Jones Picture

To be clear, Pilot’s issues with Blac Chyna don’t mean that he agrees with Rob Kardashian’s revenge porn attack or anything of the sort.

He made it clear at the time that he didn’t support that kind of viciousness.

But he’s understandably bitter about Blac Chyna.

Together with Rob, she publicly outed him and threatened his life.

She and Rob did all of that because of a rumor that Pilot Jones could be Blac Chyna’s baby-daddy, way back when they were dating.

Since we know that apparently Rob Kardashian is a huge bigot, he apparently had no problem with attempting to destroy Pilot’s life.

Honestly … we can’t wait for Pilot Jones to drop a diss track about Rob.

(It might even be too easy)

But first, we want him to release that "Flossin" video.