Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: New Cast Members, Same Drama

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They're back!

After what seemed like an eternity, the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood crew made a triumphant return to TV screens, and boy, there was a lot of drama. 

Hazel E

On Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 4 Episode 1, Keyshia Cole joined the cast and had some upsetting things to report about her estranged husband, while some of the other stars made some significant changes to their lives. 

Let's get to it. 

The biggest shocker of all was that Keyshia was a full-fledged regular on the series. She's an excellent singer, so we're glad we can watch her on a weekly basis. 

“It’s been a long journey. We about to put out the album and we’re going on a new tour,” she explains in a confessional. 

Keyshia Cole for VH1

Talk quickly changed to Keyshia's failed relationship with Daniel "Booby" Gibson, but she was surprisingly positive about reigniting the spark between them. 

The shocking thing was that Keyshia did not blame him for their split, and revealed that they were still living under the same roof. She also complimented him on being a great father to their son. 

Will they be able to fix their relationship? They do seem cute, and it's certainly an interesting hook for Keyshia. 

Meanwhile, Hazel-E was forced to open up about why she has been missing from social events. 

“I was caught up in relationship drama with Mr. Katt Williams, but don’t get it twisted the comeback is real,” she says.

Moniece Slaughter

She then went on to reveal that she's no longer with Katt, and has traded him in for someone who is ten years younger than her. 

That seems to be the trend these days, so go Hazel-E!

Talk turned to Hazel-E wanting to invite Nikki, Teairra, Moniece, and Masika to an event of hers. She was still not on good terms with Masika but felt it was time to fix things. 

Elsewhere, we got to find out that "a lot has changed" for Safaree Samuels. For a start, he's in a brand new relationship with Nikki Baby. 

Secondly, he's funnier than ever before. He mingled with Booby and Fizz, and they got talking about his new relationship. 

Safaree Has Abs for Days

Safaree then said that Keyshia's new song made it evident her relationship with Booby was on the rocks. 

“I could definitely relate bro. I could relate to being in a public breakup in front of the world and having songs written about me,” Safaree says, clearly making a reference to himself and Nicki Minaj not being a thing. 

At Hazel-E's big event, Nikki shows up, and the other women are not impressed by her being invited. 

Moniece says, "Does she ever wear anything other than ‘I’m open for business’ outfits?"

Nikki should probably get ointment for that huge BURN. 

Hazel made a grand entrance in a helicopter and got ready to perform, but Masika started yelling at the stage. 

A drink was hurled at Hazel, and her security had to get involved to tell the women to shut the hell up. 

Later, Hazel and Teairra argued about drifting apart, and Teairra said that Hazel was living off credit card fraud. 

Teairra Mari

“Everything about this little Hollywood persona that Hazel is trying to present is fake,” Teairra says.

Yes, it was a low blow, but we love all the tension between the cast so far. They are all against each other. 

We also met a new cast member named Brooke Valentine and her boyfriend is still married, so there's bound to be drama from that. 

Finally, Zell joined in for karaoke night, and Alexis was not impressed with him being included, so she hurled a drink at him. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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