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Now that Blac Chyna is in the spotlight after Rob Kardashian’s social media tantrum, everybody’s come out of the woodwork for their 15 minutes.

Reportedly, Blac Chyna’s ex Ferrari has her nudes and wants to distribute them, but she’s already fighting that in court.

But Pilot Jones is speaking out about Blac Chyna … and while he sounds sympathetic to the issue of cyberbullying, we don’t think that Chyna will appreciate his comments.

Pilot Jones Selfie

You might remember that there were rumors that Pilot Jones was Blac Chyna’s baby-daddy.

Blac Chyna blamed Pilot Jones, a former Glee actor, for those rumors … and went off on him in a vicious Instagram post where she "outed" him as gay.

We put "outed" in quotation marks because … well, we’ll get to that.

But suffice it to say that for someone to out their friend or ex or whatever is totally unacceptable, always.

That kind of thing can ruin careers (yes, even in 2017).

That kind of thing can get people killed.

Well, though it’s been suspected that Pilot Jones will spill details on Blac Chyna in footage on The A-List Miami, Pilot Jones hasn’t really said as much as we’d have liked on this subject.

Until now, that is.

Pilot Jones Pic

Pilot Jones says that Blac Chyna is a hypocrite who cyberbullied him and drove him to a suicide attempt before her recent fight with Rob.

"Honestly, a lot of people don’t realize the effects of cyberbullying and how it takes a toll on people."

It’s a huge issue and yes, it can even impact celebrities.

"My phone number was published on Instagram and also my email address."

That’s called doxxing, and it’s horrible.

"I received hundreds and hundreds of death threats and calls and emails."

It got worse than people harassing just him, though.

"It’s affected my kids; my sons were bullied at school."

That’s every celebrity parent’s nightmare — for their fame to backfire on their children.

"So I just find it very ironic and hypocritical that this mastermind that I call Blac Chyna … is accusing Rob of doing the exact same thing that she did to me just a few months ago."

That’s the one line where we really take issue, because it’s entirely possible for someone to do a terrible thing and then have something similar done to them, later. It’s still wrong, both times.

Pilot Jones then talks about how this impacted him — and also about how Chyna "outed" him.

Pilot Jones Shirtless

"I went into a very deep depression. I moved away from LA, for fear of my safety."


"And, what people don’t realize: I even attempted to commit suicide."

Suicide is tragic, and men are more likely to successfully commit suicide than women are.

But Pilot does make absolutely certain that people understand that he’s not dismissing anything about Blac Chyna’s issues with Rob.

"With that being said: This is very serious, it’s a serious matter. And someone that comes out of an abusive relationship, that’s nothing to be played with."

It’s good that he affirmed that.

And he’s referring, of course, to Blac Chyna’s accusations that Rob Kardashian beat her during their relationship.

Pilot Jones Image

But he doesn’t let up — and after hearing all that he’s been through, who could blame him?

"It’s [seemed] very ironic and hypocritical, to be honest with you."

It sure sounds that way.

"Few can imagine having over 200 calls in less than 60 seconds, with ‘hey, you f—-t, you’re an extortionist.’ All of these defaming things that people were saying. That was the bulk of the issue."

Awful to hear — especially that anti-gay slur that was hurled against him.

And then he addresses that issue.

"And also just outing me on social media."

Pilot has long been believed to be bisexual but hadn’t spoken about it.

"I had never publicly addressed my sexuality — or my bisexuality — which is something that I felt drew both of us together."

It’s good that he’s taking this opportunity to come out as bi, publicly.

"I wasn’t the first bisexual guy that she dated, and I’m sure I won’t be the last. But I was made to feel uncomfortable about who I am."

We hope that those other guys in the future will be on their guard, given what Pilot Jones has described.

Though maybe Blac Chyna’s own ordeal in this nightmare with Rob Kardashian has shown her the error of her ways?

Pilot Jones Says Good Morning

For Pilot Jones, at least, there’s a happy ending.

Not only is he out, now — stressful but ultimately good for his well-being — but he got religious after those dark times a few months ago.

Specifically, he found Buddhism and seems like such a happier, healthier person.

But … we don’t think that Blac Chyna deserves credit for that.