Kris Jenner: Using Rob Kardashian's Drama for the New Season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!

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After you heard about Rob Kardashian's big ol' rant against Blac Chyna last week, the one where he shared nude photos of her and made all sorts of allegations, you probably thought you couldn't get much more disgusted with the whole situation.

And boy, you were wrong, huh?

A Rob Kardashian Selfie

It seems like every single day since Rob's original rant, something new and terrible has happened.

After he shared those photos, we began hearing that Chyna was considering taking legal action.

Then when she filed her papers for her temporary restraining order, we heard her claims that he physically abused her.

We heard rumors of Chyna selling a sex tape to get back at Rob, and we heard Rob's troubling confession that, thanks to a bit of unsafe sex, he could have gotten her pregnant again.

Rob also claimed that, back in December, Chyna tried to choke him with a phone charging cord and also beat him with a metal rod.

It's all just so sad and uncomfortable, isn't it?

Like, it feels like we shouldn't know any of this information. Sure, they're reality stars, but they're still people.


Nobody needs to hear this much dirty laundry about anybody -- and the fact that Rob and Chyna share a precious little baby girl who will one day grow up and have access to all this?

Well, it only makes it about a billion times worse.

And speaking of making things worse, let's hear what Kris Jenner is up to right about now!

According to a source who spoke with Radar Online, "Kris is going to use all of this for the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Of course she is.

"She is distraught about the drama," the source explains, "but at the same time excited about this because she knows that this court drama will bring in lots of viewers!"

Kris Jenner Points

Yeah, she sounds super distraught.

But don't worry -- it's not like Kris is only concerned about Keeping Up with the Kardashians ratings while her son's life is falling apart.

She's also concerned about Rob's ridiculous sock line!

The source says that Kris is "trying to do damage control right now because she feels like this could really hurt Rob's business."

Are there really people out there right now with the thought process of "Well, I was going to buy some of Rob Kardashian's dumb over-priced socks, but I do have morals"?

Because we're pretty sure those people don't exist.

Kris Jenner at a Gala

But thankfully, the source adds that "As far as Blac Chyna is concerned, Kris will obviously pay her for using this situation on the next season."

It's a good thing, too -- imagine being Blac Chyna, having your nudes shared to milions and millions of people, having your weird ex's mom capitalize on the situation, and then not getting paid for it?

OK, no imagine being in a situation where any of that is even possible.

Those wild and wacky Kardashians, right?

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