Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell: Dating, Now with PDA!

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Months ago, we told you that Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell are dating

The former Vampire Diaries star who also happens to be one of the most beautiful people on the planet and the Scream Queens actor are both apparently friends who have turned into something more, but it's been so hard to get confirmation.

But sometimes all that you need to announce your relationship isn't a tweet or a press release -- just some good ol' PDA.

Glen Powell and Nina Dobrev

But first, E! has a source that confirms that Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell are dating.

Though, as you'll see, we barely even need a source at this point.

But they do provide a little context.

"Nina and Glen are dating. They were friends and it turned into something more a little while ago."

We're thinking that "a little while ago" was back in January or perhaps a little earlier.

It's hard to tell when a relationship starts.

Not just for outsiders -- like, sometimes a blossoming couple can't put their finger on when their friendship became romantic.

"They like each other and are seeing where it goes."

That's a good way to start dating.

Unless you're, like, in the Duggar fertility cult and courtship is supposed to lead to nothing but side-hugs and marriage.

But the source says that Nina's being smart about things.

"Nina was just in a serious relationship so she's being careful, but Glen is the best to her and treats her so well"

That's really good to hear.

Nina Dobrev deserves the world.

And keep in mind that these two have been super couple-y for ages.

Nina Dobrev had a La La Land-themed birthday bash back in January.

(Remember, Nina Dobrev has that skin tone because she's Bulgarian, but she's white, and matches the stereotype of liking La La Land)

She and Glen reenacted part of a dance from that film, and Nina posted it to Instagram.

Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell Reenact "La La Land"

It's not that you can't dance with your friends -- you probably dance more with friends than with anyone else.

But not every pair of dancing friends gives off a romantic vibe like these two.

Recently, at Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich's Idaho wedding, Nina and Glen weren't just acting like a couple.

They engaged in some PDA.

But you don't have to take our word, or E!'s, or E!'s source's for it.

Because they took photos that went up on Twitter.

Nina Dobrev and Glen Powell

That one could almost be dismissed as affectionate friends.

(Especially if the wedding had an open bar, as all weddings should)

But no degree of openness to the bar is going to force friends to kiss or suck each other's tongues.

Or whatever exactly it is that's happening here.

Nina Dobrev Kissing Glen Powell, Sort Of

Yeah, that looks really, really date-y.

And you know what? Good for them.

Nina Dobrev's star might be a little brighter than Glen Powell's.

Like, The Vampire Diaries might have been ostensibly targeted at teens, but plenty of us adults watched it.

And Nina Dobrev really showcased her acting by portraying two wildly different characters.

(Some of us may have allegedly cried when Katherine Pierce died, but let's not name names)

Nina was also smart enough to jump ship before the series fizzled and died.

(At which point, the series had lost their hottest female and male stars -- Nina Dobrev and Steven R McQueen)

And, not for nothing, but she'd had a serious breakup with costar Ian Somerhalder ... even though they're allegedly getting along great.

She's gorgeous and she's talented and could basically have any guy on the planet.

Nina Dobrev: INSANE Bikini Pic


Any guy.

Admittedly, we'd hoped that she might go in a different direction when she was spotted with Ruby Rose, we're still glad that she's with a guy who reportedly treats her the way that she deserves.

And hey, at least she didn't get with Scott Eastwood after looking cozy at Coachella. He kinda turned out to be a tool, unfortunately.

Nina deserves the world.

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