Jon Gosselin: Congrats to My Girlfriend! I Can Finally Quit Stripping!

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Sexism is over! ... Okay, not really.

But Jon Gosselin's post congratulating his girlfriend Colleen Conrad has some people chuckling over some refreshing role reversals.

Which should not, of course, distract from celebrating this couple's good news.

Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Colleen

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, graduated from nursing school.

The reality personality took to Instagram to congratulate her, his caption indicating that she intends to become a nurse practitioner.

Lately, we know that Jon Gosselin's been working as a stripper.

When he's not saving people's lives, that is.

He's credited the profession with putting his life back on track, which makes sense -- with his novelty as a reality star, it could definitely pay the bills.

We've all heard stories of women who were strippers to put their boyfriends or fiances or husbands through medical school, or who at least stripped during that time.

You know, in anticipation that the future doctor or nurse would eventually become the breadwinner.

Some pointed out similarities, though we've seen no indications that Jon's been bankrolling her through school or anything like that.

But it's always nice to hear a man praising his girlfriend's career milestones instead of the other way around.

Jon Gosselin in a Gray Jacket Picture

Stripping can be a great way to make money and some find it empowering, but the age range for it to be a viable career is pretty limited.

In other words, medical professionals are likely to make more with age.

Over time, strippers are likely to make less.

In Jon Gosselin's case, he's kind of older than you usually picture a stripper being, but -- and we say this with no intended offense -- we think that his career is based more on his fame than on his looks.

And that's totally okay.

So, if the Jon Gosselin's novelty wears off before he lines up a new gig, if he and Colleen are still together, she could be the breadwinner for a while.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen

Jon Gosselin's still famous, even though he's no longer a reality star.

Though he's glad that his family's time in the spotlight has provided for a financial future for his children, he's expressed concerns in the past that the fame may impact them in unforeseen ways.

Honestly? We don't think that he needs to worry.

Growing up famous can screw with you plenty -- just look at Kylie Jenner.

But for the Gosselin children, we can't imagine that the long-term mental scarring from fame will hold a candle to the damage of being raised by that beast Kate Gosselin.

We also think that he knows that, but probably has very good reasons for not saying it.

Custody situations can be ... complicated.

Jon Gosselin Coke With Kate Photo

But this moment is about Jon and Colleen, and not Jon's heavy personal baggage.

We're glad that they were able to toast to her graduation from nursing school and to her new career.

Honestly, we hope that Jon sticks to stripping for a while if he's enjoying it.

You want to ride that fame train as far as it will take you, you know?

So long as it keeps paying the bills, anyway.

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