Kardashians React to Rob Drama with Sexy Selfies, Ice Cream Promotion and a Makeup Tutorial

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According to a recent report, the Kardashians are very angry at the moment.

The entire family is basically irate at Rob Kardashian for taking a private feud with Blac Chyna as public as humanly possible, calling out his baby mama for allegedly cheating on him and even for supposedly taking a lot of drugs.

Rob has taken his venting to such an inappropriate (and possibly illegal) extreme that he got kicked off Instagram.

Rob Kardashian in a Car

So it makes sense that Kris Jenner and company would be upset at Rob for two reasons:

1. He's hurting their brand.

2. He may be hurting his relationship with seven-month old Dream in terms of how frequently Chyna will allow him to spend time with her going forward.

But while the anger on the Kardashian-Jenner side may be legitimate and present, you'd never know it by taking a look at various family members' social media feeds.

We'll start with Kylie Jenner.

A mere couple days after Rob blasted Chyna in a way rarely seen before in Hollywood, the teenage reality star acted like everything was just dandy and normal.

Just like she does nearly ever hour, Kylie shared a few racy images and videos on her Snapchat and Instagram pages, the most notable of which included her wearing a tight shirt and eating a banana,

Because of course, right?

Kylie Jenner Eats Banana

Elsewhere, Khloe Kardashian shared a Twitter picture of herself pushing an ice cream cart. For some reason.

"Ice Cream Please!!!" Khloe penned as a caption to this seemingly random image, not really explaining why she posted it online.

And very obviously not saying a word about her troubled brother while doing so.

Khloe Kardashian and Ice Cream

What about Kim Kardashian, you may be wondering?

She has often clashed with Rob, even giving him the boot from her wedding weekend a couple years ago after he allegedly caused some sort of scene.

It was this incident that prompted Kardashian to really withdraw from his family back in the day, as he left social media for about a year and went completely radio silent.

Ironically, it was his relationship with Blac Chyna that helped Rob get back on his feet, lose a lot of weight, gain self-confidence again and reunite with his loved ones.

But anyway.

Kim spent yesterday giving her Snapchat followers a makeup tutorial and pushing her new line of beauty products:

Kim Kardashian Makeup Pic

Rob, meanwhile, has not posted on Twitter since Wednesday afternoon.

He isn't permitted to post on Instagram at the moment.

It's possible he's spoken to a lawyer and is finally aware that his actions crossed a few significant lines and we may not hear from him again for a very long time.

His relatives will just keep going about their regular, everyday tasks until then we guess, praying that Kardashian doesn't do anything stupid, such as relapse or even attempt suicide.

The guy is very easy to make fun of and he screwed up royally in this case.

But it's also pretty clear he has a few mental problems. He likely needs help. Let's hope he gets it.

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