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Jordan Cashmyer has spiraling downward hard since appearing on 16 and Pregnant, but the true extent of that is just becoming known.

Amid reports surfacing that Jordan Cashmyer is an escort, and now allegations of drug use, it appears she has finally hit rock bottom.

Cashmyer, Jordan
Photo via Instagram

It was revealed in recent days that the former MTV reality star had fallen on such hard times that she was now working as a prostitute.

Cashmyer, who appeared on Season 5 of 16 & Pregnant, works as an escort on the website Escort Babylon under the name Raquelle. 

“A down to earth, open-minded, ambitious Taurus, who likes to spend time with generous men and have fun,” her online profile reads.

“If you want an upscale girl then stop searching now," she urges potential clients, encouraging them to come "have some fun."

The 22-year-old has multiple racy pictures on her profile, featuring her wearing only a bra and underwear, and in one shot is topless.

(The escort service ads, which we have chosen not to post here, are easily identifiable as Jordan based on her tattoos."

Jordan Cashmyer: A Photo
Photo via Instagram

Now, the troubled star’s family members have come forward to say that Cashmyer is likely also struggling with heroin addiction. 

“I can guarantee she is not doing well,” one of Cashmyer’s family members told Radar. “She has been living on the streets."

"She calls her father to let him know she’s alive.”

The family insider also claimed that Cashmyer, who is mother to daughter Genevieve, "has overdosed multiple times" over the years.

While she has been to rehab 3-4 times, it’s been a struggle to stay clean ever since she began working as a stripper years ago.

"Her father put her in rehab, but she never completes the programs. Once the withdrawals kick in she leaves on her own,” the source said.

Jordan Cashmyer Image
Photo via Instagram

The family source explained how Jordan’s three-year-old daughter was living with her father and stepmother until December 2015.

Her baby daddy, Derek Taylor, took the girl to live with his mother at that point, and that’s reportedly the last Jordan has seen of her.

Says the insider close to the sad situation:

“Last summer in June or July she signed paperwork with Derek’s mother for temporary custody. Her parents have been cut off from their granddaughter."

"Jordan hasn’t brought up her name.”

“She is on a dark, destructive path,” another insider added. “She’s in our prayers that she pulls through in the state that she’s in.”

Jordan Cashmyer Escort
Photo via Instagram

Cashmyer’s baby daddy revealed on social media in 2014 that she had been working in a strip club, which feels tame compared to this.

In July 2016, she said on her Facebook page that she stopped abusing alcohol and drugs and was now clean following a rehab stint.

While Cashmyer entered rehab and seemed upbeat following that stint, it appears she may have fallen off the wagon once again since.

Jordan was perhaps the best known cast member from the fifth and final season of 16 & Pregnant (now possibly being rebooted by MTV).

The hit reality show debuted in 2010 spawned the even more successful Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 spinoffs, and briefly Teen Mom 3.

We hope she gets help, and soon.